My first designer bag- an LV!

  1. Hi everyone, yesterday I bought my first designer bag ever! I got the Neverfull MM. I'm so excited I finally bought it because I've been saving up for over a year. I'm only a high school senior so I can't afford much, but I bought it using my money that I work for. My parents would never buy me a designer bag, they think I'm crazy for spending that much. ;) But I just love designer purses.
    I got it from the Louis Vuitton boutique in Chicago, and I admit I was kind of nervous that they would be snobby with me because I don't have anything else designer. But the associate in there was so nice and helpful, so someday when I buy more, I will definitely go back to her!
    So I will definitely remember yesterday because I also found the college I'll be going to, the Illinois Insisute of Art for fashion design.
    College and LV, does life get any better? :graucho:
    I hope to get to know all of you here!
  2. Congrats!! I'm a high school sophomore needing a job, so I don't have that much to spend on bags either. The Neverfull is SUCH a nice bag...a definite classic.
  3. congrats how exciting.
  4. Welcome and congrats on your new bag.

  5. Congrats on your first......I admire the way you saved up for over a year for this purchase, It makes it even more special for you. So many young people nowadays would have just caved and bought a fake, so I applaud your decision...enjoy it, I'm sure it won't be your last.
  6. Congratulations. It's great that you saved up your money to get it for yourself.
  7. Welcome to the forum Fashionista and congrats on your new bag, don't forget to post pics!!! :smile:
  8. Congrats on your first of what I'm sure will be many more LV's!! Great choice with the Neverfull MM!
  9. Congrats!! I love the feeling of buying a new bag... I remember buying my first LV from Neimans. I was excited for months. lol Enjoy your new bag!!!!
  10. there is nothing like your first bag, you will become addicted
  11. Congratulations.
  12. how awesome! glad you'll always remember your first designer item!
  13. Congrats on chosing a school! and saving and getting your first designer bag.It will be a great memory. welcome to
    tpf, who knows you might up designing bags.
  14. Welcome! Congrats on your new bag and college course.:tup:
  15. :yahoo:Congratulations! The addiction begins...nothing like the feeling of buying an LV for yourself, is there? Post modeling pics for us, I'd love 2 see.