My first designer bag - a YSL Downtown :)

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  1. I got my first designer bag - a python Downtown yesterday, at 50% off too! :smile:

    A good start and a good deal huh? :P

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  2. Congrats! It's so unique!
  3. This is a beauty!!!
  4. Thanks :biggrin:
  5. shes beautiful!
  6. wow - that's an amazing bag
    I love the colors!
  7. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  8. wow, amazing bag indeed, congrats

  9. wow, the color is so awesome! any more left on sale?
  10. Wow, what a beauty - congrats!!:tup:
  11. Love it!! You sure know how to start off with a bang, amelial!! :tup:


    And a quick question: which size do you have? Is it comfortable to carry over your shoulder?
  12. Very nice! Congrats!
  13. Thanks everyone!

    anne1218: I got it on the last day of the sale, there's another one on display but the condition is not that great.

    Loquita: This is a small, I'm only 5' 1 so this size is just right for me. No problem carrying it over the shoulder but I felt uneasy doing so as it's rather delicate. Sigh...maybe it's silly to start off with an exotic skin bag?

    Does anyone know how to take care of python skin?
  14. amelial, Thanks for your reply! If you want to know how to care for an exotic, I would go to the mina handbag forum and do a search using words like "exotics care" and things like that. If you try several searches without any luck I would start a thread asking for help - there are many here who have knowledge in this area. You could also try contacting YSL directly for help. :smile:
  15. Gorgeous bag!! congrats!