My first day with my new trainer.. so traumatic!! (long!)

  1. So today was my first day with my new 24hr fitness trainer. The first one I had was :yucky: so I had to request a change. (I'm doing the five sessions package thingy, if anyone was wondering.)

    Well- apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks my first trainer is CRAP because my new one said that he should've gone through a whole buncha stuff with me.. which he DIDNT! :rant: But that's off the subject--

    So he measured me, weighed me, did a body fat thing... and the results were: I weigh WAY TOO MUCH; my body fat % is to the point that it's unhealthy!! :cry: I was so traumatized and shocked.. I knew I was out of shape but.. I'm pretty small! (size 2-4) I guess I didn't realize how much FAT I had accumulated during the last year, combined with NO exercise whatsoever. He basically was like- you need a trainer to get in shape.. and more importantly, you need to get in shape to be healthy.

    It was definitely the biggest wake up call for me ever. I'm considering signing up for 10 or 20 sessions with him- we only worked out for like 20 minutes today but I'm already feeling it. Only sad thing is the money will have to come out of my balenciaga fund.. :sad: I was planning on getting three bags in the next two months or so (blueberry city, blue india city, and white first) but... I guess it is not meant to be. I KNOW that my health is more important but I can't help but be a little girl and whine a little.. hehe :lol:

    So I hope EVERYONE is working out and watching their diet!!! Don't get like me and find out one morning that you are FAT! lol I'm trying to keep my sense of humor, as I'm sure it'll be useful during all those painful training sessions.. :biggrin:
  2. that's awesome that you're on the right path and sound totally dedicated to it!
    Keep us updated on the results!
  3. Good for you! You are going to feel so much better after you have been working out for a few weeks!
  4. I work out 3 days a week by myself & with my trainer for an hour twice a week...Let me tell you====>>> my trainer is so worth it!!!

    The motivation is priceless. Also, my trainer constantly watches my form so I know that I'm doing the exercises correctly.

    It does get expensive, but I figure a rockin' body is worth the price. Keep at it, girl.
  5. How long have you been with your trainer, crowgal? I hope it IS worth it- I really want to lose at 10-15 pounds.. You've seen results, right?? hehe I'm just nervous because it's a lot of money.. and I love purses!

    But definitely, my trainer was really attentive to my form and made sure that I did everything correctly, even if I didn't do a lot of reps.

    I HOPE I GET A ROCKING BODY, GOSH DARN IT!!!!! Summer is almost half done!!! :sad:
  6. Good for you! I wish I had the energy to exercise but I DONT'! I work alot of hours and by the time I get home I want to sleep and relax. I am definatley out of shape. Keep us posted maybe you'll inspire me. Good luck!
  7. you're on your way to better health!!! that's wonderful. goodluck!
  8. Do you mind me asking what your height and weight are? If you are a 2-4 you could not be that overweight and if you are not significantly overweight than you probably don't have much body fat that would put you in danger. These trainers will tell you anything to get you to sign up for more sessions. If you are in doubt about your health don't see a trainer see your Doctor!!
  9. maybe you already do this . . .
    but if you slightly modify your diet in add'n to the training, you'll see IMMEDIATE results as teeny as you are!
    Drink buttloads of water and eat a tiny bit healthier. . . instant gratification!:yes:
  10. Oh gosh, I don't know about giving up the Balenciaga fund for training sessions.:huh: I would buy the Balenciaga's and then stuff them full and carry them around. That would give you a good work out :yes:
  11. I agree w/ Crowgal and Swankymama.... eat right and weight train, you'll see results so much faster.

    Good decision Kattiepie.. Being healthy trumps shopping!!!
  12. Thanks for the tip, SwankyMama! I drink tons of water (my friends call me a camel :P) but I have to admit, I don't watch my diet. It's probably because it's never been an issue in the past- I've always been able to indulge in whatever I'd like as long as I don't gorge... (and even when I do gorge! lol)

    I like to eat out A LOT with my friends.. Do you have any tips on how I can watch my diet and still enjoy myself? I've started to notice portions and have been trying to watch my sodium intake... but other than that.. :shame:

    And thanks everyone for your support!!!

    lelgin: I SERIOUSLY considered for ONE second if I could just live life as the happy, but fat Balenciaga bag lady. :lol:
  13. Oh wow.. now I'm thinking I should go in to get my fat percentage and everything calculated :shocked: Like you I'm also a size 2/4 and I hardly ever excercise and love eating out.

    What made you go out to get a personal trainer in the first place kattiepie? Until I read this thread it never really occurred to me to visit one.
  14. sparkles48:

    I had never considered getting a personal trainer either... but this summer, I decided to join the gym for the first time to get in shape. (Even I could tell that I had gotten a little pudgy around the waist- my True Religions were getting so tight!! :lol:) The price was relatively lower than I had thought it was going to be - I had originally planned on joining a smaller, more exclusive gym but had found out about a 24hr fitness near me.. My reasoning was, since my 3 months at the smaller gym would've been as much as getting a 24hr memberhip AND a personal trainer package (5 sessions).. I just decided to. It really wasn't for any other reason- I just thought that it wouldn't hurt.

    My first two sessions were AWFUL.. like stated before, we didn't do ANYTHING. He just worked me out really hard without even taking into consideration my body or preferences. This new trainer though- I would recommend him to EVERYBODY. :biggrin: (And it helps that hes really cute.. hehe :shame::love:)

    I'm sure my case is an unique one- I'd known for a while that I was getting REALLY out of shape. I started indulging in some really bad habits during the past year (lots of drinking, lots of eating out, especially late at night, etc)- I'd also gained about 10 pounds. However, if you are still interested, you should at least look into it. Even if you don't want a personal trainer, I think it'd be nice to just know your own stats. Up until yesterday, I didn't even know what my waist measurement was!! (And it's a lot bigger than my jean size, so I was confused for a bit.. haha :shame:smile:

    Lol sorry for the rambling reply. Hope it helped!!

    I forgot to mention that I'm alost 5'1". Really tiny. So I'm thinking no matter what size I am, it's going to be easier for me to get away with being fat and unhealthy because I don't bring that much attention to myself. Weird logic but I swear it works!!
  15. ^ Thanks for the great advice!! I think I have a new mission this summer thanks to you :amuse: I could definitely use a little toning around the tummy as well - I'm already starting to see the beginnings of a muffin top over my jeans :lol: