My first day of training at Neiman! And a bit of a dilemma...

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  1. For the past month, I've been going through rigorous interviews with managers and directors at Neiman Marcus for a position in handbags. I was told there was 2 spots in handbags and 1 spot in accessories. The manager was not sure if he would like me to be in handbags or accessories (since I have no prior experiences in another major department store or in handbags only stores.) Last week, the HR manager called and extended an offer to me for the position. I was jumping in joy! :yahoo: Just to be sure, I asked which position am I being hired for and she told me handbags. So today, I had my first day of training. There were 2 other girls in there who introduced themselves as new SAs in the handbags department. So there are the 3 of us, all hired for the handbags department.

    Now I'm afraid that I'm really hired for the acceossries department (which I would not have accepted the offer). I asked my boyfriend for some advices (since he's a manager at a bank and deals with a lot of hiring procedures). He told me that if they extended the offer in the handbags department, then they cannot go back and change it once I had accepted the offer unless I agree to the changes.

    I'm just worried b/c I love handbags. I don't want to be in the back selling sunglasses. :sad:

    What does everyone think? If they did mean to hire me for accessories, can they change it now that they had extended the offer for handbags and I have in fact accepted the offer? :shrugs:

    Sorry for the long story. I think I just need a little bit of encouragement. :s
  2. Hey There,

    The sad reality of California's At Will Employment practice is that they can probably tell you it's the new position or allow you to decline employment altogether. :sad:

    However, there are probably more knowledgable gals out there that can offer better legal guidance. :confused1:

    In the meantime, kick butt in bags!!! Prove yourself and where you belong! Show off that knowledge and make them want to keep you in bags and move someone else to accessories. :upsidedown:

    BTW, doesn't accessories inc yummy Loro Piano wraps and such!??! :flowers:
  3. well..first of all.. congrat on your first day of work!

    about the hiring procedure, I think it might be best if you talk to the hiring manager first to make sure you're filling the position that you wanted. There's no need to worry before you find out~
  4. Maybe they'll see who the sharpest one is and deploy to the departments based on that. You will absolutely "wow" them with your handbag knowledge and be running the dept in no time! Good luck

  5. Excellent point.....I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case as they would want the most knowledgeable person to assume that position..A a customer I would want THE MOST qualified SA to assist me..So get in there and prove to them that you can DEFINITELY handle it! Good luck and keep us posted!!! :heart: Emmy
  6. Maybe they decided they really needed three people in handbags. Congrats and I wouldn't worry about it!
    Just don't do what I did at Coach and spend your whole paycheck on bags. :lol: It is so easy to do when you are surrounded by something you love all day. ;)
  7. Congrats on your job in NM! I would speak to the woman who hired you and be sure that the posititon you are training for is an SA in the handbag department. Definitely do not work in a department you will not be happy in! Good luck xochrissie!!!
  8. I agree, there is no point worrying about it yet, nothing has been said, and as far as you know, you are working in handbags as promised. I am guessing that in a couple of days you will know the other new girls well enough to ask them what positions they were told they had too. Relax, and congratulations on landing your job :smile:
  9. what does that job involve? it sounds awesome!
  10. congratulations on your first day.. I'm sure u're having fun leaving last! lol
  11. :yahoo:COngrats on the job and enjoy that discount
  12. So I asked the HR manager and she confirmed that I'm hired for handbags (as she handed me my schedule today). *Phew* I was just so worried that I had to be in accessories. I know so little about sunglasses and scarves compared to what I know about handbags! It would just be the wrong department for me.

    Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words. Hopefully I will assist you girls some time in the future. :idea:
  13. That is wonderful xochrissie! I look forward to seeing you one day
  14. Wow, that's a lot of interviews. When I worked at Neiman Marcus, I only had to talk to two people--one in personnel, the other being the manager of the handbag department.
  15. chrissie, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    Wow, I just saw this thread...and I just caved in and finally got a card there because I am addicted to Bbags. I have not had the best experiences with the SA's at NM in the past and would rather not give them my business.

    However, because of my recent addiction and lack of choices, I had to go to my local NM to see what they had...and ONE nice SA won me over and I opened an account:s

    Soooooooooo, it would be so great to be able to call YOU at the SF store and talk to a Pfer who knows what's really goin' on with handbags...:wlae:

    Instead of the usual:confused1: sorry I couldn't resist.:P

    GOOD LUCK! MAKE LOTS A MONEY!!!!! :supacool: