My first Day just arrived,color question...

  1. I'm so happy,my Day is arrived this morning:yahoo:.
    I was looking everywhere in France for an aqua,I was very sorry not to find it in France.
    Finally,a shop in Toulouse told me they have a "petrol blue""prussian blue".I didn't watch the bag,but I've decided to order this hobo.
    I've tried to catch the color,it's difficult...
    It's a deep blue with a touch of green,stiches are turquoise...Could you help me to name the color?
    I'm really happy,the leather is beautifull,thick and smooth:drool:,and you know what,I'm in love:love:
    Balenciaga,Day.jpg bal.jpg
  2. another pict...thank in advance for your help!
  3. Can you take better pics with flash? Pics are too dark to tell.:shrugs:
  4. Sorry it seems I've posted same photos...:shame:
  5. It does look like Aqua to me. :confused1: Does the auth card say 2007 on it?
  6. My files was too heavy,other picts!Thanks Nanaz!
    Photo bal.jpg day flash.jpg
  7. That's exactly what I think,but the girl from the shop didn't found the card,she tought she had this bag in winter(she may be wrong).It's a regular Balenciaga re-seller,I've had them adress and phone-number from Balenciaga customer's service.Could it be Blue India???
  8. hmmm, now that i see your new pics it does look a bit like BI.:confused1: Aqua is very similar to BI except that is darker and deeper, some times with little bit of Green in it. Lets see what other experts have to say. :sweatdrop: Either way it is gorgeous.:drool:
  9. Looks a little too dark for blue india, I would just call that color plain old GORGEOUS!!! That is one HOT bag!!! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  10. i agree! its beautiful!!
  11. Congrats!! :yahoo: What a gorgeous bag!!

    I received my Aqua from the first couple of batches in February, I would consider it to be more blue, and definately have a green undertone - but it is less obvious that it is there... I haven't seen BI IRL, but I do believe your bag looks like the color of my Aqua, in the pictures with the flash....

    That is one hot Day bag!! :yes:
  12. an im so happy you finally managed to find your dream Day ! no matter if its aqua or not the colour is just yummilicious! :drool:
  13. Wow, that's a beautiful bag. Congrats!!:smile:
  14. Nanaz,Purse-Ooooh,Fabs04,Bags4Bubbles:Thank you!
    I've seen some blue India on the forum,the bags seems greener,and clearer.
    As you told Bags4bubbles,it'sa deep blue with a touch of green.In french,if I translate,it also could be named "Duck Blue"
    Any case:I LOOOOOVE this Day!

  15. Could it be teal? It doesn't really look like BI to me ...