My first damier ... what should I get?

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  1. Hi! I want to buy a damier but cant seem to decide which one. It will be my first damier purchase
  2. how about a Speedy?

    or if you can afford to go higher, the Ribera MM or Saleya would be nice too.
  3. definitely the speedy , but I do recommmend the chelsea if your looking for a tote, its great everyday and as a carryall for trips...
    Thats enuf for me in that line ,I really love the epi line and want something else from them(I have the Epi speedy 30, black which I adore)
  4. what size bag? what style (hand-held/shoulder)?
  5. Suggestions >> for a 'shoulder bag', Saleya PM. For a structured 'handbag', the Duomo or Alma. For an unstructured handbag (due to sagging bottom), the Speedy. And for a tote, the Chelsea. What type of bag are you looking for?
  6. A handbag. Alma, speedy, saleya or ribera - all nice. Which among the four do you think I should get? Something all around and I can use any time of the day
  7. I'd go with a Speedy.
  8. Saleya!
  9. I purchased my first damier bag (speedy 30) about a week ago and exchanged it for the Ribera MM. I didnt like how the speedy sagged when i put things in there. Just a personal preference though. I love my Ribera :roflmfao:
  10. I love the Damier Speedy 25. All the damier totes are cute too.
  11. I love the Ribera. It's on my list.
  12. the speedy or the duomo! :love:
  13. I have the same dilemma. Can't decide on my first damier. I was looking at the alma or speedy. Actually :love: them both. Let us which one you decide. Goodluck!
    P.S. I was adviced by some really nice pf'ers that a cardboard on the bottom of the speedy will help hold its shape.
  14. speedy
  15. Duomo.... I've just bought one today:yahoo:
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