My First Damier!!! (Saleya MM)

  1. I am new here and I'm trying to contain myself from posting so least until I get to know y'all better....but I can't help posting this thread as I am loving this bag!

    I went to St. Barths last week Friday and stopped by the LV store to pick her up. Of course I already knew I was going to get the Saleya MM as I discussed it with my internet sisters and they agreed the Saleya would be perfect. I immidiately asked the SA for the Saleya PM, MM, and the Damier Speedy 30. She brought all of them to me as well as the Damier Chelsea (darn, another one added to my "to get" list!). I finally decided on the Saleya MM and also took the Denim Scarf and the black MC Bandeau. The Denim scarf looks wonderful tied on the Saleya...who ever have both of these should try it (let me know if you'd liek to see pics of how it looks).

    Anyway, I can't set this bag down! Which is so not me as I change bags daily. It's a wonderful bag and it goes with everything. I recommend it 100%!

  2. Nice! I think that will be my next purse! Can you take photos of the scarf on your purse? I can't quite picture it together. :yes:
  3. It looks GORGEOUS on you! I love it!
  4. It looks beautiful on you. Congrats on the purchase! You have a pretty smile :smile:
  5. Welcome to the forum first off.

    Second the bag looks wonderful on you, great choice. :love:

    third, does the bag fit over your shoulder easy and how tall are you?

    Sorry for so many questions, its just to see bags on fellow pf members it hepls a lot of us tht arent close to an Lv store decide on bags.

  6. It looks so pretty! I want one lol
  7. Congrats! The Saleya MM is on my want list. Great bag on you!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats! It's gorgeous! I :heart: Damier. I'm waiting for my Chelsea to arrive next week, hopefully.

    Welcome to the Purse Forum!
  10. Thank you guys!

    Joanne: here you go.

    Bag_Fetish: I understand...we do the same from on the board I belong to. The bag is not meant to go on your shoulders...unless you're Kate Moss - skinny. It does go on my shoulders but i am sure if i were wearing a coat or something in that nature i'd never get it to go on my shoulder. However it's nice to have the option, like when both hands are full, of putting it on your shoulder.

    I am 5'7" and always wear heels (usually about 3"-4" heels).
    Here's a pic of it on the shoulders (my colleague thinks I've gone mad since I asked her to take a pic to post on the web :biggrin:)
  11. You two look really good! Congrats!
  12. it's so pretty and it looks perfect on you!
  13. Thank you! :smile:
  14. ~^^~ thank you for posting pic's the bag looks great.
    It looks cute too with the scarf.
  15. The scarf is very pretty too!