My first D & B bag

  1. I'm new to this forum and wanted to share my D & B with you. It's the Signature Anniversary Sac and I love it:heart: I hope it doesn't start a new obession for me;) The color is perfect and I can wear it with everything, which is why I like it so much.
    020 a.jpg
  2. That's pretty, I really love those colors.
  3. That's a nice bag. Neutral colors always work so well! Congrats on your first Dooney!
  4. Very nice! Looks nice and roomy too.

  5. Congrats on your first Dooney!

    I just bought the same bag in Black with Charcoal. It's a perfect style!
  6. That's a beautuful bag. I've seen in IRL and it was gorgeus. Unfortunately the next time I visited the store (Nordsroms or Macy's, can't remember) it was no longer available.
  7. I can fit everything and more into this bag. I think I need a smaller D&B bag to fit into it, when I just want to travel light;)
  8. ^^ I bought a mini sac - I'm not sure if they are in stores anymore. A lot like yours, but measures 8" wide, 6" tall and about 2" wide.
  9. thanks for sharing! very crisp and clean
  10. Super cute!!
  11. I found, what appears to be, a matching wristlet with flap, on eBay:wtf: . I bid $31.00 and won it. I can return it, if it's not authentic.
  12. very nice for a first bag!
  13. great choice congrats!!!
  14. Very pretty, like the neutral colors
  15. Congrats! Great bag!