My First Crocodile bag - Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. :yahoo:
    I LOVE exotic skin bags!!!! Over time I have collected a couple Pythons and one lizard. I knew I wanted to get an Ostrich and Crocodile to complete the collection. A crocodile bag is the Crown Jewel and I did not think I would get one for many years to come. Last night my sweet husband surprised me with a beautiful glossy orange crocodile bag. Here is a pic
  2. BEAUTIFUL I :heart: The color
  3. is that a nancy gonzalez?
  4. It is a Nancy Gonzalez, good eye Brian
  5. It's gorgeous! Congrats!
  6. Just my thoughts - I'm ALL for gorgeous, over-the-top, wonderful, majorly expensive bags! I'm a purse HOUND. But my tummy dropped a bit when seeing this - we wonder what we can do to help our kids grow up in a world where every exotic animal isn't on the endangered species list or extinct - I just felt bad for the crocodile. Feeling a bit blue today. Oh well. If I was truly a crunchy granola type, I wouldn't be walking around in my lambskin Kooba. So I'm being a's a lovely bag.....Sigh......:sad:
  7. lovely! my mom is thinking about Nancy Gonzalez and saving her pennies
  8. Beautiful!! I love it! And I love the color, too!
  9. GAWWWgeous!
  10. Beautiful! Congrats
  11. Wow, gorgeous!! What type of croc is it?
  12. love the color!

    beautiful bag.
  13. It's beautiful! What a fun color. I'm envious...
  14. NICE!.. i've seen Nancy Gonzalez crocodile handbags at Harrods last May... congratulations, its gorgeous IRL.
  15. I am a novice to handbags. But one of my favorite colors is orange and I like the different shades of orange in this bag. It seems appropriate for work, but I am only a novice.