My First Contribution to the PF (Dior Bag Collection)

  1. What a beautiful collection! Love the purple Diorrissimo!
  2. oh noooo i'm loving your diorissimo!!!!:cloud9:
  3. Thanks :smile: your tempting me to start using it now, I originally planned to keep it aside for at least another month.
  4. Love your collection!
  5. Thank you.
  6. I am in love with your collection!!! AMAZING!!!
  7. That python Dior is out of this world! I need to hunt down one too!
  8. Thank you Diana, Your blog looks great as well.
  9. Im a fan of the Caribbean Blue Python LD as well, contemplating wether to go for it or not, the thing is with these bags is that you tend to wear them less due to material (skin), I wont call them fragile, but they aren't exactly durable :smile:
  10. Omg thats a great gorgeous collection! Use in good health :smile:
  11. Wow such a beautiful and lovely collection. I love all your Dior bags. Congrats!
  12. Thank you Maryam and Poporon for your kind comments :hugs:
  13. Mashallah!! Such beautiful pieces!! I'm in love with the purple diorissimo!!
  14. Gorgeous collection you have!!:woohoo:
  15. gorgeous! amazing collection you have! ***BIG Heart