my first compliment

  1. Well ofcourse my friends have said its nice and all but since i bought my mono speedy 30 in FEBRUARY i havent had one nice comment from somebody i dont know.

    Anyways today i was shopping with my mum and i went to get bra measured **:amazed: wont go into that one** and set my LV on the floor and the woman says to me omg i love you bag!!!!

    i was soooooooooo happy! i said aww thanks its my first compliment lol

    ahhh just had to share with you all :biggrin:
  2. It's always such a great feeling when someone recognizes great taste along w/ the rest of us! :P Makes me warm n fuzzy! Ha!
  3. aaww, thats a nice story. The mono speedy is my next purchase I think! im glad you have had your first compliment on your LV bag. Roll on plenty more compliments!
  4. That's awesome!! It's always nice when someone gives you a compliment, no matter what on.
  5. that's awesome! Us gals do love a compliment from another girl don't we!?
    I do!!!

    Yesterday I was tripping over myself to run after someone carrying a Silver Paddy! I couldn't get to her w/o dropping my baby in the parking lot! LOL!
    I was SO sad I couldn't give her props on her fab bag!! LMAO!
  6. LOL swanky!!! poor kid

    yer i was really happy though it really made my day! gotta keep them coming now :biggrin:

    But where im from isnt a particulary rich area and not many people have real bags *even though in the first 5 houses in our road 4 of us have gorgeous designer bags* so when im out shopping 9/10 people would think its fake. lol but the way i carry it you wouldnt carry a fake that way! lol im a right snob :S
  7. enjoy! there are people looking.. but not always saying....
  8. LOL! Cute story!
  9. yay congrats! ...I had the wierdest first compliment,my religion teacher this year asked my dad infront of me if my Speedy 25 was fake. My dad later replied saying that it is real,and I own many other authentic bags,and that I buy some myself,and I get them as presents..She later started saying how she used to own a fake speedy,and how im lucky...I was suprised when she asked me..Everytime I bring my bags to school she now gives me compliments =D
  10. Congrats!
    I do get one compliment from one elegant old woman, she was saying it in German to her husband, how gorgeus is my Chloe bag.
    I wish I get compliment too someday for my speedy 30, hehhe
  11. *Gasp* You put your Speedy on the floor? :amazed: I'm just kidding :P I like that I could do that to my Speedy too. :biggrin: Congrats on the compliment! I've never had anyone compliment me on my bags. I mostly get dirty and hateful looks.:lol:
  12. Cool :nuts: That's a great feeling when someone compliments you on your bag!
  13. good for you! rock on!!!!

  14. Aww that's too bad. I do get some dirty looks. I get some questioning looks and I can tell they are trying to figure out if my bag is real. I get some compliments but then its always followed by the question I hate the most..."How much did you spend on this bag?"

    And pursegalsf, those dirty hateful looks...those people are just hating ya know? Mad 'cause they don't have your great taste and for some they don't have the ability to buy such nice bags!
  15. thats awesome!!! i'm glad someone noticed your bag!!!! :smile: