My First Collection Post

  1. I think i should start contributing something to TPF.. I love looking at peoples collection so here is mine since July 2006 . Tell me wat u think..
    *pics and loading by my sweet BF, supporting my obsession*
  2. Hallo, they're all looking mighty good there! Such a handsome bunch they are altogether, lovely warm brown bags and monogram. Love that wee Wapity lurking in there too! :tup:
  3. What's that black multicolor bag in the back?
  4. yay great collection congrats!
  5. congrats!
  6. love it - I love the spy
  7. Beautiful collection!
  8. What a nice collection! I love the Roxbury drive and the balenciagas are super cute!
  9. Great collection - but I think you need more LVs in it! :p
  10. Nice collection! Congrats!
  11. Very nice well-rounded collection.
  12. great collection... thanks for sharing
  13. nice collection!
  14. Beautiful! I like the Passy esp.
  15. like ur b-bag! :smile: