My First Cole Haan Purchase.........

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  1. Look what I found today at TJMaxx for a steal!


    Apparently this is called the Cole Haan Antique Leather Keaton Dome Satchel. I had no idea what this bag was when I picked her up, just that the leather was fabulous and I've been looking for a classic brown leather bag. Once I saw Cole Haan, I ran to the register. Then I came back to the office and figured out exactly what she is as all the tag said was dome satchel.

    I've had several pairs of their shoes over the years, but this is my first CH bag..................

  2. Very nice! That's a classic bag that'll carry you through many seasons! Congrats on the great find! (Love Cole Haan leather!)
  3. I love that bag!!
  4. Beautiful bag! You really can't go wrong with Cole Haan and I think you'll be able to use that for years, awesome find
  5. Gorgeous bag. Cole Haan bags are very well made. Congrats.
  6. Congrats! I was just at TJ maxx and saw a beatiful CH bag in off white. The leather is TDF. Glad you got it at a great deal too. Classic!
  7. Great find and nice bag! Cole Haan makes good quality bags. Enjoy!
  8. Wow, great style! I wish I could find Cole Haan bags at my TJ's!
  9. I love it, a very classic shape. Congrats
  10. Congratulatons! Gorgeous bag!!! I've never found anything anywhere near that nice at my TJMaxx!! For that reason, I only go about once a year.
  11. love cole haan and love this bag
  12. I love that bag, what an awesome find ~ TJ MAXX is a great store to shop at!
  13. That's a beautiful bag! I saw that same bag on Bluefly not long ago "on sale" for a small fortune--I think it was over $300. And it was snapped up in a hurry. I'm a big CH fan but I've rarely seen that one. Congrats! :tup:
  14. It's such a beautiful bag! I like it's color, I'm so fond of brown bags now! Like others said, you cannot go wrong with CH.
  15. Wow! Don't know what you paid at TJMaxx, but I just found one on Ebay listed for a BIN price of $499! I wish the seller had provided more pictures.