My first coin purse....... Sky Blue SGH!!

  1. Some time back I was looking at this particular thread and I fell in love with everybody's coin purse collection, especially firstclass1, burukogepanda and JimLong. So I started my quest for these cute little things and I finally found a Sky Blue SGH! Weeeeeeeeee!!! :yahoo::yahoo: I got it during lunch today (It's 1pm here in Singapore by the way) and I didn't even bother with my food, I just started ripping apart the package and oohing-aahing at my new CP like a young kid who just got a new toy :lol: The color is exceptional, it looks so good with the SGH. Now I'm contemplating if I should get a SB SGH something to match it lol.


    I might be getting a Vert Foret RH CP soon, and I'm still on my quest of finding a BG Pink SGH and GGH CP. These CPs are just too cute to resist!
  2. its so beautiful! :drool: congrats
  3. love it , congrats!
  4. Oh its darling!!! Congrats!
  5. Your SB is super gorgeous!!! I want one too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Nice, congrats. I have a SB city. Luv it though I'm lusting after an EB:sweatdrop:
  7. Too cute!!! Can nv have too many. But dont know what to use it for. HA..
  8. Its so cute! Enjoy it! Btw, I think it'll look so cute peeking out of your EB!
  9. aww sooo cute!
  10. So cute!! Love the SGH with the Sky Blue!!
  11. what a cutie, congrats!!
  12. Our dear pinkiestarlet also has an SB City but she never use hers...tsk tsk tsk!!! :boxing:

    I don't know what to use it for either partly because I have too many pouches from everywhere. I was just asking jo_ee what she used for hers yesterday. BUT I still desire for these cutie CPs. :shame:
  13. Gorgeous congrats :smile: I'm still looking for a BG CP too :'(
  14. casper7, aa12, ivylouwho, tofuchan, CoutureObsessed, Thanks :flowers:

    pinkboudoir, The :devil: in me is telling you to get it but the :angel: is saying No! We must hold on till Fall arrives lol! We are so gonna be dead for Fall. And though I don't use my SB RH City, at least my little sis loves it till death and gives it the love it deserves ;)

    sparkle2808, I'm lusting over an EB too! I want an EB SGH PT but I can't get until my mum gives me the go-ahead. The results of spending too much:crybaby:

    chpwhy, Yes it's too cute BUT I seriously have no idea as to what should I put in it:sweatdrop:

    retroheart, Dearie I don't have anything EB! I so wish I have one though :p

    VenetiaWanter, I hope you manage to find a BG Pink CP soon!
  15. That is so cute! What a lovely color!