My First Coffer Is Here Its Beautiful! pic

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  1. I received my Coffer today and I love it! I wanted to share pictures and make sure it is the real deal as I got it on Ebay. I cant imagine that it isnt though. It is scrumptious!!
    It is darker than my pictures are showing like a deep maroon.

  2. Looks like the "Real Deal" to me! By the way.................what a great deal you made on this beauty!!!! Congrats Shockey, and welcome to the "Coffer Club"!!!! :yahoo:
  3. So beautiful! Way to go! :woohoo:
  4. Aaaaah Shockey.. a coffer after my own heart... the sandalo deep bls (well that's what NM calls it anyway)... this is one of my most fave colors on the coffer... when i get off my ban.. it'll be the first in line (i hope it's still around!!!) Congratulations!!!

    P.S. I've seen this IRL and you're right, the pics don't really show its true colors... it's waaaaay more beautiful IRL, IMO.
  5. What a beautiful bag! Love the color!
  6. Here is a better picture of the true color. I cant quit looking at it and touching it.LOL!

  7. that
    gorgeous!!!!!! :nuts:

    and yep, I think u've got the real thing too! did u not get it authenticated at the forum before bidding? if not then wow, u r really lucky or have a natural knack for authentic-spotting! hehe :heart::heart::heart: congratulations!!!
  8. It's gorgeous, Shockey. I know you're going to love it. Maybe you will end up with more than Miu2:okay:
  9. I've seen this IRL also and it's gorgeous! I noticed in your title that this is just the beginning? :smile:
  10. Stunning! Congrats!
  11. its beauuutiful, congrats!!!!! the coffer is growing on me now
  12. How come a bag can be so pretty? Congratulation!
  13. I really want a coffer too....congrats
  14. Gorgeous color....
  15. shockey, you take great pics! That last one I think captured the color pretty well. It's so beautiful... I hope they still have it later. I want!