My first Coach!!

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  1. Hey everyone - I'm quite new to this sub-forum but I recently became a fan of Coach and in the UK there are virtually no places to find Coach except ebay and TK Maxx. Well I bought this bag today at TK Maxx after seeing it a month ago and deciding not to buy it cos I didn't have much money at the time but I found it again and it was only £45 reduced from £99 so I bought it :smile: I'm really happy with it and I wish Coach would venture into the UK!!

    Anywhere here are some pics :smile:


    EDIT: just realised this is my 2000th post - hooray! lol

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  2. Wow nice find! I love those Bleecker hobos.

    Congrats on your first Coach! :party:
  3. Cute!
  4. Does Coach ship internationally?
  5. I dont think so.. if they do it's well hidden! All I see on their shipping page are places like Canada and Hawaii :shrugs:

    ~(btw thanks everyone :smile: )
  6. Congrats on your first Coach!
  7. nice bleeker! bleeker is my favorite collection :smile: ;)
  8. What a deal! When there is a will, there is always a way! ")
  9. wow nice! and i think htat works out to be cheaper than here in the US. it sucks that the ony place in uk to get coach is at terminal 5 in london heathrow, i went there in april, while the terminal itself was nice and that coach store was really pretty i had a horrow with BA losing my bags

  10. oh really ! that sucks about your bags :sad:
  11. Congrats on your bleecker hobo. I love the color of the leather. It very pretty.

  12. thanks! it's a really nice neutral colour isnt it. I was deciding between this bag and a ri2k bigger bag but i thought I don't even like having lots of stuff in a handbag so why would I buy a large one just because it was more value for money? lol. I think the hobo is a really nice size too :smile: plus I think Coach has a way nicer lining. I'm afraid it'll get grubby! lol
  13. Ooo! Congrats! that's such a lovely first Coach! I saw a lady w/ that bag prety IRL!!! Congrats again!
  14. That is such a pretty bag at a great price.
  15. Fantastic find! I read on here all the time that TKMaxx has faaabulous deals on wallets and other Coach accessories too - that while the bags are a great deal, the smaller items are even better! I wish the american TJMaxx version of this store had as good of deals. I'm sure you will enjoy this bag for many years.