My first Coach

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  1. I went to the Burlington outlet yesterday and picked up a mini signature black/white duffle for $169. I'm kind of on the fence. Keep or return, do you think?
    Same as this one

    But then I saw this:
  2. I definitely like the second one better. I like the black on black with medium C's. I'm not a big fan of the mini sig. I just think its too busy IMO. Make sure you have all eBay possibilities authenticated first before buying. Do this on the "authenticate this Coach" thread. Just for peace of mind.:nuts: Congrats on your first Coach purchase! It won't be your last. :graucho:
  3. That's what I was a little worried about too... seems too busy.
  4. I like the second one better. I've never been a fan of the mini signature line. Plus the seller on the second one is so awesome! I just purchased a bag from Chezmia last month and you can't beat her prices!
  5. I like the second one better as well!
  6. I guess I'm in the minority, but I like the mini sig print. I like both bags, but I don't buy from e-bay because it just seems way too uncertain if your bag will be real or not. I would keep the black/white duffle.
  7. Oh, I love the second one! It is so pretty!
  8. I agree withthose who aren't fans of the mini-sig. The second one is really pretty though!
  9. I, too, purchased from Chezmia just last month, to get a hobo vintage ergo for my mum. Quickly shipped, REAL!!!, and no probs whatsoever. I was so happy and so is mumzy...she got it for her b-day.

    Mini-sig? NEVER been a fan at.all. It's too displeasing to my eye and just a flurry of "stuff" but no distinction in my eye. If I carried signature, I'd want you to be able to see the design of the sig.

    I like the second's more discreet. Then again, that's my taste. If you like it, I LOVE it!!!:yes:
  10. here here on the 2nd one...I'm also not a fan of mini-sig.