My First Coach!!!

  1. CONGRATS!!!!! You must be on cloud 9 right now! Welcome to your new addiction :yahoo:
  2. I looove those carryalls, I think they are so pretty and classy.
    Welcome to the pf and congrats on your new bag.
  3. Welcome! and Congrats on your first coach, It's true what they say..... you never forget your first, lol.
  4. congrats, how very exciting.
  5. Welcome and congrats!!
  6. Thank you ladies so much!! I've been reading these forums forever in envy, I'm so excited to finally have something to talk about lol!!!
  7. Congrats! Those carryalls are so nice. I see women carrying them and think they look so "put together". Enjoy and welcome!
  8. Welcome to the addiction! :p You'll will love that carryall. The leather feels soooooo buttery smooth in your hands!
  9. Beautiful handbag! What a great way to start your collection.
    Congrats on it. :yahoo:
  10. Nice! Congrats!
  11. Great choice! Congratulations!
  12. Congrats! The Carryalls are fantastic and cute.
  13. After shipping and everything it was only $216!!!! I think I definitely got a good deal!!!
  14. I love the Hamptons Carryall and I am sure you will get years of good use from yours. It's a great way to start a Coach collection. Welcome to TPF! :smile: