My First Coach

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  1. Hello!
    I've been mostly lurking @ the lesportsac forums, (loving tokidoki); but recently I came across a coach purse that I totally loved! The Hampton's Weekend Black Satchel. I like the strap it comes with so I can wear it across my body. Its very roomy too.
    I also ended up ordering the Grace espadrille in watercolor (i thought they were all sold out, but they managed to get a pair from the Palo Alto store). I ordered a 7 because I heard they run big. (I usually wear 7.5-8 for flats/sneakers, but my feet are narrow; so hoping they fit :sad:) all in all I ended up spending around $400 :push:
    Pictures!! (ignore the mess behind me, remodelling the home)

  2. I love your bag! I have last year's tote from the outlet that is the same color scheme and it is my favorite summer bag. Contgrats on your purchase!
  3. Good for you!!! I love that line of bags...
  4. That's a great bag! Welcome to the world of Coach! :biggrin:
  5. very cute!
  6. Welcome to Coach! What a great purchase, I have never seen it on someone! Thanks for sharing. I hope your shoes fit!
  7. Congrats on your purchase! I love the Grace espadrilles -- hope the size 7 was a good choice :smile:
  8. Love that bag! The hamptons nylon has a luxurious feel. Enjoy and welcome.
  9. Cute bag!! Post pics of the shoes too if you can when you get them....would love to see them on.
  10. Love that bag and yes pics of the shoes please :smile:
  11. oh that picture of you and the bag looks great!!! nice choice on the black and white color and i love that blue bubbly print on the hangtag. i love hangtags, they are so unique with each bag huh?!! beautiful first coach bag. i'm sure you'll be looking for more. they're great bags!
  12. I like the way that satchel fits cross body! It looks great! And I would love to see those shoes when you get 'em - please post pics and fingers crossed that they fit!
    Oh yeah, WELCOME!!
  13. cute!
  14. Very very cute! Love that you can hold it and wear it as an across the body bag :smile:
  15. Cute bag and it looks great on you!