My First Coach

  1. Thanks to this forum I've just purchased my first few Coach items. Nothing unusual in that you may think, except that you can't buy Coach in the UK. I found them on eBay UK and had them verified via the authenticate this thread. I'm so impressed with the quality and finish, the leather smells divine and feels gorgeous.
  2. Wow! They are all such gorgeous choices. Great job!
  3. Very nice! Congrats on your purchases...enjoy them!
  4. Beautiful purchases! Congrats to you. I love that new leather smell too, it's intoxicating! Enjoy. :smile:
  5. Congrats! You made excellent choices!
  6. Wow, awesome purchases. Congrats. The smell of the leather is one of the reasons I buy Coach, too. :smile:
  7. Love your selections! You've chosen styles that can be used in almost any situation. I hope you enjoy them!
  8. Everything you bought is really cute! Enjoy it all!!
  9. Nice job! I love the "squareness" of the flap!! Congratulations!!
  10. wow congratulations!! here's to many more!!:drinkup:
  11. Nice stuff! I LOVE the Soho Flap - I've been watching that same bag (but in signature) on eBay and waiting to snag up a great deal.
  12. I love them all. Enjoy:yes:
  13. Beautiful purses! You already have a very classic Coach collection!
  14. congratulations! this is just the beginning!
  15. Congrats on your first purchase! Everything looks gorgeous! Enjoy:yahoo: