My first Coach tote! and a Question...

  1. Hi all *shy wave*

    A long time ago I was debating on whether or not I should get an LV or a Coach bag for a booktote for school...I decided to get a Coach bag instead. I absolutely LOVE it! It's huge, spacious, and all-around wonderful!!! But...I have no idea what I have here. :shame: Can someone please tell me the name of this bag if you know? Here's a pic (it has an orange interior, fyi):

    Just wanted to share my excitement! :yahoo:
  2. could you look inside on the creed and tell us the serial number?

    eta: it's gorgeous and congrats!!!
  3. Thank you, kallison!

    Okay, here's the serial #: JOJ-6093
  4. Do they make a smaller version of that? I only carry a wallet, small wristlet for makeup and keys...Thanks, beautiful bag.
  5. Beautiful bag!! Looks great & study for school... I think I remember seeing similiar styles to this at the outlet at the end of summer... I have no idea about their specs... Hopefully the extremely knowledgable ladies around here can help you out!!

    It won't be your last Coach! ;)
  6. Thanks, ladies! Yes, I was wondering what type of bag this was...hmm...

    Even though most of my collection is LV, I really want to look into other designers. So far I have a couple Dooneys and this Coach....I kinda want a few more....hmm. ;)
  7. Congratulations.
  8. alright- i'm coming up blank with names...anybody else find it?
  9. I have no idea about the name (sorry!), but it's beautiful! Congrats and welcome!
  10. ^^^Thanks, gals! It's all right...I guess I'll just admire her for what she is :shame: Glad to be part of the Coach community! Hehe.
  11. I found it in the drilldown...

    And from the Classics section of the Coach website, it looks like it might be an older or slightly different version of #7069 Signature Classic Tote...

    Sorry, that's all the info I can dig up so far. It's a great looking bag, though!! Congrats!

    ETA: And welcome to the Coach Club, hee hee hee!!
  12. ^^Thank you so much! I guess it could be a variation of the Signature Classic Tote. :smile:
  13. That's a nice book tote! Lucky you!
  14. That's a gorgeous tote!
  15. It looks like a great size. :smile: Congratulations. That's a nice bag.