My first coach sighting!

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  1. Well being in the UK the only source of coach is the internet, so naturally I do not see ANY other people around with them (as at home I live in a small town in England, and at uni I live in a tiny city that is more like a town in Wales), I presumed I was pretty much a lone coach fan, seeing as most Brits don't even know what coach is. However today in the local supermarket (at uni) I saw a woman with a carly, not only that but a very authentic and very gorgeous carly. She gave me a funny look, mainly because I was staring at her bag in both surprise and awe, or maybe I druelled. (It was my first time of seeing a carly IRL too so I can be excused for that :p)

    Sorry, your probably like "what the hell!?" but to live in such a small place in the UK and for someone else to have the same interest in an American brand not sold or advertised over here, I thought it was really exciting that some other person in my area has stumbled across these beautiful bags too! It seems the coach love is spreading overseas!! Hopefully some coach shops might pop up over here if it gets more popular *fingers crossed* :graucho:
  2. Funny story! Being in the U.S., I obviously see a lot of Coach (and fake Coach, for that matter), but ever since I really started getting into it over the past few months, I can feel myself really starting and admiring people's Coach bags when I spot them. I saw a woman at the grocery store yesterday with an Ali and I almost wanted to go up to her and tell her that I loved her bag, but I didn't want to freak her out! lol!
  3. That is such a cute story!!! I know I would have done the same thing!!!
  4. Hehe, I know! I had an urge to go up to her and go "I love your carly!!!" but she was already weirded out by me so it wouldn't have been the best idea, I may have been pepper sprayed!

    It is good to know it isn't just me who admires other people's pretty bags!
  5. That is good to know! I was hoping I didn't have a "bag problem/fetish" that wasn't normal and noone could relate too!
  6. That is very cute ! I see them all the time here obviously but I still feel a bonding thing when I see someone with an authentic coach in a style that is like mine or that I admire. Also sometimes I don't really like things I see in the store but when I see them out in public (out of context) they look amazing like at the supermarket the other day this woman had the medium gold leather trim Carly. It was TDF but I didn't really like it in the store. Next time you should approach her and maybe make a new friend.
  7. I hope I do see her again, would be interesting to know if she has a whole collection of them or not! Also be good to meet someone to talk about coach with! I know what you mean, on pictures i haven't really fallen for the carly but seeing her carrying it, it looked gorgeous!
  8. aw that is a good story! I see coach constantly, but I still admire people's coach bags and when I see a really beautiful one I just drool over it. I have even told people I loved their bags, but I never say the style name because I don't want them to think I am crazy. I just say "I really love your bag" or "Your bag is Gorgeous"
  9. Yeah, I would love it if there was more coach over here so I could oggle people's pretty bags! I probably should have said "I love your coach" or something but I was too speechless!
  10. That's a funny story. I live in Boston and you would not believe how many people carry Coaches here. I actually made up a game, looking for fakes while I am on the train! I've gotten quite good.:yes:
  11. I enjoyed your story. I find myself staring at other peoples coach bags too!!! My husband even notices if someone is carrying a coach bag and he will point it out to me.
  12. haha I suppose a benefit of not having many people with coach means there are much less ugly fakes to have to look at (hopefully!)

    it is always good to practice your authenticating skills!!
  13. definitely, especially bags you don't have or haven't seen modeled. Her bag definitely stood out as more pretty and better quality from everyone else's bag :drool:
  14. That is a cute story. I always stare at peoples Coach bags too. Today I was walking through the mall and a lady carrying a Bleeker Signature flap bag walked by me and I about got whip lash from jerking my head so fast to see her bag as she walked past me. LOL

    Like the other ladies have said here everyone has a Coach bag. I went to Spain in the fall and I did see quite a few Coach bags but I bet half the people that had them were Americans!