My first Coach-satchel or shoulder bag advise ?

  1. I'm thinking about getting a Chelsea satchel, it will be my first Coach bag. I am torn between that and the Bleeker large flap in Signature. I LOVE the way the satchel looks and think satchels look so lady like and elegant, but I have always been a shoulder bag gal. It's so easy to have a bag over your shoulder when you are shopping for hands free, and even though it may sound silly it seems like a satchel would be easier for someone to grab out of your hand and run with.

    With the satchel is it possible to carry it over shoulder at all like if you needed to get it out of the way for hands free for a few minutes, or is the fit just too tight for that. Golly I love the look of the Chelsea satchel ! But I don't want to spend this much on my first Coach and then find it cumbersome and not end of using it much. I just seem to mesmerized by the satchel but I don't know if it will be pratical.
    Advice gals ?
  2. Try the satchel on, I am not sure if it will fit on the shoulder or be comfortable that way. If you love the shoulder style it may take some time to get used to a satchel.
  3. Personally, I can't do the satchels. I love the way they look but I get so tired of holding it that they end up getting resold because I never use them. I'm pretty much a shoulder bag girl.
  4. I agree w/ this poster! I LOVE how the satchels look and have tried them MANY times b/c they are soooooo cute on the arm...but I get tired of holding them, and then I sell them! I have only been buying bags that can go on my shoulder now. I say try the satchel on in the boutique or dept store, walk around w/ it for a little while, and then decide if it's for you. Good luck!!! :tup:
  5. I replied to your other post about this too, but I bought the Chelsea satchel and loved the bag, but on my shoulder it didn't look right and was bulky... it was a great bag though, but I needed a shoulder bag.. I bought the Chelsea hobo and I absolutely adore her.. she's the best of all worlds.. she's light, slouchy but not sloppy, turnlock is soo cute and easy to get in/out of, she hangs just right, etc... try her, I don't think you will regret it! :tup: Let us know what you decide either way, good luck!!! ;)
  6. Thanks ladies, I had a feeling your answers were going to be stick w/the shoulder style. Deep inside I knew that myself but was just mesmerized by the looks of the Chelsea satchel:drool:I guess all that glitters is not gold.
    Many years back I had a Dooney satchel and ended up not using it much and gave it away. Thanks again and I'll let you kow what I get :smile:
  7. I only buy shoulder bags now too. I sound like a walking advertisement for the Bleeker Large Flap but I really do like it alot. The signature style is cool how the flap is leather and the rest is siggie!
  8. I love the look of the Bleeker Large Flap in Sig. and that is what actually caught my eye to the Bleeker line. BUT I have a real issue buying a fabric bag that does not have leather corner reinforcements ( the Bleeker zip hobo does). I have another Sig. bag hobo from another designer line in fabric that about 18 months of light use, the corners started showing wear on each corner. So I will never buy another fabric bag without leather on the corners.

    This is why I like the Chelsea line so much, the corners are reinforced with leather in the fabric models.