My first Coach reveal =D + a little confession!

Hi everyone!

I'm kinda a noobie here but I've been hanging out in the forums for the past few weeks just reading up. I have to admit that I wasn't really a Coach fanatic/fan until recently. Most of my friends are Coach/LV fanatics but back when I was in high school and early college, I was the type with the thinking "Why do I need to spend $$$ on a bag, etc etc, when I can use that money for food, clothes, etc etc etc." Most of my bags are cute and cartoony but unique. Some aren't designers but occasionally a few has caught my eye like the Tokidoki for LeSportSac collection and the Harajuku Lovers stuff.

Anyways, now that I'm grown up (sorta... not really lol) and in my mid-twenties, working, having my own money, I bite my own words. Coach never really appealed to me... that is until the Poppy line came along. One Friday evening after work (I work in Chinatown SF) I decided to not take the bus to Market St but to walk along Grant Ave. I pass by the Coach flagship store and one bag caught my eye... It was on display but I was walking speedily that at first glance my thoughts were, "No... that wasn't what it said..." walked back to take a 2nd look ... "O...M...G... it is!"

Now for my instant reveal!

Wow... the bow is so cute and nice!


and here she is!

I totally could not resist, but I was in rush to meet up with some friends so I passed up on it the first time. It's not just because it's cute but it said "MINTY" on it! That's been my nickname since HS! The next day (Saturday), I took my friend and went straight back to the Coach store from work. I knew what I wanted! Even though the SA's were like "oh, take a look around some more" I just wanted the Minty bag =D because it was literally called out my name!

A few weeks with the Minty bag which I still haven't used because I don't want it to get dirty (probably will wait to use it when it doesn't rain as much), I went viral with the Poppy collection... does this happen to you guys? When you fall in love with a collection and you start buying more of it? It's not just the Poppy collection that attracts me but the SAs were so nice lol! More reveals of the all the other stuff I acquired later =].


Mar 24, 2009
Atlanta, GA

and welcome to tPF!! :welcome2:

I LOVE THIS TOTE!!! my bff is looking to get one (Pepper) for his little sister and we couldn't find it online. Thankfully, there are still some in stores (I saw them at macy's last week). I think I love Pinky the most because she is carrying that great XL Sequin Spotlight on her bag!!


Feb 8, 2009
How cool is that?! What a perfect bag for you then since it matches your nickname and the Poppy anime things appeal to your taste as well


Feb 18, 2010
SO CUTE!! I posted my first coach bag a while ago, and have been addicted ever since! So, from one newbie to another... WELCOME! I was actually looking to get the pepper or pinky wristlet when I got my Poppy pocket hobo, but they were sold out in the store and backordered so I got another wallet instead. :sad: