My first coach purse!! YAY

  1. Welcome my first coach purse!! I am so in love, I worked a few double shifts to get it, and the scarf matches perfectly:smile: What do you guys think?
  2. GORGEOUS!!!! That scarf with the bag is just DIVINE. Your hard work paid off. That's a BEAUTIFUL bag! Congratulations and enjoy that beauty!

    Edited to say: By the way, welcome to tPF and what will become a huge addiction!
  3. Gorgeous! Beautiful color and the scarf looks awesome with it! Enjoy her!
  4. wow that is a wonderful bag!!! wow!!!
    Congratulations on working so hard to get it!:yes:
  6. I can't seem to post a bigger picture, I had to decrease the size to post it. I guess you can just click on it to get a better look;)
  7. Your Coach and scarf are lovely and match so well together -- congrats! Welcome to tPF also!
  8. You did an awesome job with a first bag. Congrats! And WELCOME TO TPF! :yahoo:
  9. Thanks guys! Im super excited, I love this board, and you guys all have amazing collections, I need to catch up!
  10. Its beautiful!! Congrats!!
  11. Congratulations! It's a beautiful color, it's perfect for spring and summer.
  12. It's gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE that color!!!!
  13. OMGosh! What a beauty to start with! I love the scarf, too! Enjoy the fruits of your labor. :yes:
  14. hehe,, you guys are making me feel less guilty about the $750.00 I just dropped:smile:
  15. You just do you. Catching up can get you into trouble. I should know. ;)