My First Coach Purse Arrived Today

  1. Hi all, My purse arrived today Whooo Hoooo!

    Here are the promised Photos and also of the one I got my daughter for her first bag as well.
    These are of mine

    Heres Ana's Purse
    We couldn't be happier, to be honest I was in a state of shock there so much room in that thing. trying not to weigh it down will be hard.

    Now do you only store in the dustbag when your not using it or do you store it there all the time?
  2. Beautiful bag, congrats! I store mine in the dust bags when I'm not using them. Your daughters purse is adorable. My daughter keeps asking for one, but she's only 5 years old! I guess I've made a few too many trips to the Coach store with her!
  3. Very nice, congrats!!
  4. Congrats on your first coach bags!
  5. Congrats on your new Coach bag! Is that the plum color? Looks good!:tup:
  6. Love the Coach Ergo in Khaki is yours a medium or large?
  7. Very nice...Congrats!
  8. That is a sharp looking bag. I love the Ergos! Congrats!
  9. I love your ergo! Perfect first bag in my opinion, very [SIZE=-1]versitle :tup:
  10. Beautiful!!! and your daughter's bag is cute too!!!!! Enjoy!
  11. its beautiful!
  12. I'm so excited, My Purse is the Ergo Signature Large Hobo in Khaki/Mahogany
    The longer I have it the more real it seams. I'm just still in shock its here and I picked something.
    I got my Purse Bright moved over does any one else use one or just me, its the insert that has all the pockets and a light and you can take it out and move it from purse to purse quickly. It has places for pens, lipsticks, little pockets etc. My mom got it for me, its tan in color.

    And my daughters 12 1/2 she made cheerleading this year at school, so I thought she should have a cute bag this year and once kids in our area hit middle school they all have cell phones and are texting like crazy, so this demi purse is the right size for her tiny cell phone, lip gloss and breath spray she likes to carry. She had been caring a woven bag with the golden dangles on it, so it sparkles everywhere. Boy had that been run into the ground. Those little gold dangles had all faded and were falling off ,I finally just had her pull them all off so it look like a beach bag.

    I got her bag from eBay, but I was sweating a bit until we had to make sure it was not a fake. Hers was the first one I picked out and when researching it I found TPF so after reading all over the boards I feel confident its the real deal and a found a new forum home you guys...
  13. Cute purses.
  14. Congratulations.
  15. What a great bag! I love the Ergo! And your daughter's first Coach is adorable! :yes: