My first Coach purchase.

  1. Look what I got myself on my lunch break today.
    I went to the Macy's in the mall across from work. They had a MUCH better selection, then the one I went to on Saturday.
    They had the Carly in medium , Signature bags and then large leather black and camel (I think that's right), no meduim size leather and that is what I want, the large is too big.
  2. Very cute! COACH wristlets are very handy to have--I really like this one because it's unique!
  3. Very cute! I like that a lot - it's very versatile! Great choice for your first Coach purchase!
  4. I like it! The wristlet are great for running errands or when you don't want to carry a purse, like when you're going to the movies or a sporting event. Great choice!
  5. I love that one!! I have been using mine for my emeryboard, lipgloss etc in my purse so it doesn't mess up my legacy stripes!! haha
  6. I love it, congrats! I have never seen that one before. I love wristlets, they are so handy.
  7. It's very nice. Congrat. on your first purchase:yes:
  8. very cute and unique!!! i'm really loving more and more coach accessories
    ex. wrislets minnie skinny's and charms....all so cute and there is always something for everyone
    problem cant have just one of each of these!!!!
  9. That is an adorable wristlet. It has a very unique look. Congrats on your purchase.
  10. i have the same one got it at macy's but exchanged it for a patent ms in mahogany coz i'm loving the ms more
  11. Congratulations! That is an adorable wristlet!
  12. Nice! I've never seen it before!