My First Coach Purchase - Pics - HELP!

  1. Hello. I just made my first Coach purchase this week at the Outlet in San Marcos. I have been looking online and at the Coach store at the mall for over a month now, trying to decide which bag I wanted to buy first. I LOVE the Signature look - in brown especially, but I just can't decide on what size I want. I don't want one too big, but not too small either. I just ordered the Black/White Demi online - should arrive TODAY!!!!:yahoo: I purchased the Signature Medium Duffle in the chesnut trim from the outlet, but I am wondering if it is too big?!?! I almost bought the regular/small duffle at the Coach store in the lighter tan trim. I like the size, but thought the color looked a little too casual. I want something that I can carry daily but don't want something too terribly big. Any suggestions????
    I've also looked into the Soho Signature Small Hobo, Hamptons Sign. Perf. Small Hobo... I just can't decide. Please help!?!?
  2. Congrats on your first Coach purchase!! Love the username too!!

    I don't think the one pictured is too big at all. I have a black duffle that I think is the same size and I love it. When I carry it, I usually carry my checkbook wallet, phone, lotion, pens, hand sanitizer, gum, and keys (I think that's it!), and it's not stuffed. I think it's a great everyday bag!!
  3. i think its a great size for everyday use! what do you normally carry everyday? if you carry a lot or a little this will impact the advice you get. i dont carry much so i like the soho small flaps. but i do have the large carly for my school days.
  4. lol that looks like the size of purse my lil pouch purse would fit in! i like it, i think im going to suggest it to my friend, who owns purses that size lol. i always hide mine in hers and make funna her! i love the big bags! a larger size like that will be my next purchase.
  5. Thanks for the response, ladies!! In response to an early reply to my post: everyday I carry my wallet, keys, phone, digital cam, lipgloss, brush, kleenex, hand sanitizer, etc... I don't NEED a big bag, but it is nice to have the optional space. I do have a 4 year old, so sometimes I have stuff of hers I need to put somewhere, but then again, sometimes she likes to carry her own purse/bag. LOL
    I am leaning towards keeping the Medium Duffle for my everyday bag and then I can get a smaller bag (somewhere in between the demi and duffle size) at some point. Darn...guess that means I'll just HAVE to buy another Coach :yes: I am HOOKED!!
  6. sorry babydoll you get no sympathy from me... dooney&bourke and coach are obsessions for me. it's bad! but oh so good! :yes:
  7. Okay, ViciousBliss...which one would you choose: the Signature Medium Duffle (pictured in my first post) or the Small Hobo in Silver/Khaki/Chestnut?? I do LOVE the blue/silver, but I want my first bag to be a bag I can use year round if I need/want to.
    Thanks for your opinion!!
  8. As an everyday bag, I'd go with the medium duffle. I just got that one in the leather version and it's a great size for all your daily essentials.
  9. i definately like the shape and style of the soho hobo so much better :yes:! goodluck hun, lemme know how it all pans out!
  10. congrats on your purchase!!!!