My First Coach // Mini Collection Picture

  1. I've been wanting a Coach handbag for a while and my BF surprised me with my First Coach bag, wristlet, and wallet on Dec. 21st!
    coach goodies.jpg
  2. Congratulations!!! :yahoo:That is an absolutely gorgeous set --- I hope you have the boyfriend as long as you have the bags!
  3. Great gifts and what a nice boyfriend! I love how he got you the matching wristlet and wallet as well.

  4. Wow, how nice that he got you an almost complete set!! I say almost because... he needs to get you a cute colorful keyfob or charm to hang from your new gorgeous bag to make it complete!! Hehehe.
  5. You started your collection off with some of the BEST Coach ever!!! Congrats on your set (I have the shoulder bag, too and LOVE IT). Your BF is a keeper!!!
  6. Wow that is a very nice start to a great collection! Congratulations on your first bag!!
  7. It's a beutiful collection. Enjoy! :yahoo:
  8. Your BF has fantastic taste!!!! That is a beautiful set!!!
  9. Great set!! Enjoy!
  10. That's a lovely set. I'm impressed. Did he pick that out on his own (even w/SA)? Kudos to him :smile:
  11. my hubby doesnt support my purse addiction...lmao
  12. WOW!!! What a beautiful set! Keep that boyfriend he has great taste! Congrats
  13. Lovely everything matches perfectly!^-^
  14. Wow what a great boyfriend .. and he great taste too ... in you and in bags!
  15. BEAUTIFUL!!!:woohoo: