my first coach item! (pics inside)

  1. I just wanted to share my first coach purchase with all of you. It's a minisignature dog collar (size xs) for my sphynx cat Moche.
    He :heart:'s it (actually he loves anything that involves pampering him, he's such an attention whore)

    I don't think he finds it too heavy (some posters said they might be too heavy for cats), he doesn't even seem to notice it's there. I will only let him wear it when I'm around though as I wouldn't want to risk strangulation.

    I hope you like it as much as I do!

    (please don't pay too much attention to his nails, he's wearing softclaws and I'm changing from red to white,and the combo isn't very flattering)
    DSC07421B.jpg DSCO7394B.jpg DSC07469B.jpg DSC07486B.jpg
  2. OMG he's so so so cute!!! Love the collar on him!

    My sis has a sphynx and he is the sweetest kitty.... feels like a velvety hot water bottle and he wants to be ON YOU haha

    He's wonderful!
  3. your sister's sphynx sounds exactly like mine!!! he always wants to be on your lap, or better yet, on your lap and then covered by his blanket.
    I guess they are all equally sweet...they are adorable.
    Eventhough at first people tend to be scared because they look pretty mean because of those wrinkles...but they wouldn't hurt a fly.
  4. Where did you get your cat! We've always been told that they are very hard to come by. I'd love one for my nephew, who has severe allergies to cat and dog hair. So cute. Love the collar.
  5. Such a sweet Kitty:heart:!!
    Thanks for sharing the great pics :yes:
  6. When I first started looking for one I also thought it would be very hard but actually they aren't that hard to find. If you google Sphynx you'll find catteries that have them, but you need to look around to compare prices because there tend to be big differences. (They are more expensive than the most breeds) and of course you need to make sure you get along well with the owner of the cattery, since they will raise your kitten.

    They are better for people with allergies, but some people will still have allergic reactions to them (which you can cut down by bathing them more often)
    they are more high maintenance than most cats (they need weekly baths, the nails need to be clipped and ears need to be cleaned) but those things don't add up to the love you get in return.
    I could seriously recommend them to anyone, but only if you can spend enough time with them or have other cats (they need constant attention as they get lonely very easily)
  7. what striking eyes! cute collar, too
  8. Aww so cute.
  9. OMG I LOVE your cat!! What a unique breed, I've never seen one of them in real life. The collar is so cute but looks really big! I love the wrinkles, it's so cute. Congrats on getting a Coach! I think it's great that your first Coach is for your animal.
  10. LOVE THE COLOR! The green just pops against your kitty!
  11. Oh my gosh, your cat is absolutely PRECIOUS!!!
  12. aww so cute:smile:
  13. That cat is so ugly it's cute! Although when I first saw it I was like what is THAT?! Heheh. The collar is cute though, and you are such a good mom worrying about him. I know I am always double checking my dog's collar when I take them for walks.
  14. Oh, soooo cute! I love little hairless animals.
  15. That cat is too cute!! I love it-the whole thing, the cat and the collar :smile: