My first Coach is a loooong time.........

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  1. Should be IN a long time.......I hate typos!

    Well, I went to the outlet today. They had GOBS of stuff. I couldn't believe all the Bonnie's. They had the graphic totes, the satchels and small bags, too.
    I saw about 4 walls of Zoes -- all different sizes and colors.
    Also, those graphic plastic bags in pink and tan. (I'm lost without the drilldown!!!!!!)

    They had these bags in several colors....white w/pink trim, white w/camel trim, black w/black patent trim and this one -- my rosegold bag is Cricket Embossed Op Art Metallic Large Satchel #13608. It was originally $458 and I got it for $160. I bought it because of all the pockets inside and out and plus, it fits on my shoulder. The frustrating thing is that I thought I would come home and look it up online, but I can't find it on the forum! I haven't been on here much lately due to the job sitch and didn't know that the drilldown was gone! What's up with that?!!!

    I also got the Bee Charm -- weirdest bee I've ever seen!
    I also got this Leather Zip Top Gold Wristlet (F42371).

    I could have gotten the metallic Peyton for $280 after all the discounts (I had the 20% off coup), and believe me, I LOVED it -- metallic with the Legacy lining! But it's so heavy and I just felt that I wouldn't carry it after I got it.

    So what do you think about the rosegold Cricket????

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  2. Very pretty! The bee is so cute on your Cricket!
  3. The rose gold cricket is very nice! I'm with you about the Peyton, I didn't get one, either. It's too big, if it were a north/south shape then I could handle it but big and east/west?
  4. Totally gorgeous! I fell in LOVE with the clutch in this but it's more than I wanted to pay at the moment. Congrats!
  5. that is so pretty...congrats on your beautiful new bag!
  6. Lovely bag! Congrats on your purchases!!
  7. i'm in love with metallics (among other things) i adore the rose gold!!! congratulations on some finds!
  8. Sweet...
  9. love the rose gold. what a great trip!!
  10. Pretty! I love how you've accessorized your bag. It's such a gorgeous summer purse, reminds me of sunshine...!
  11. I love the rosegold and that is such a feminine classy bag.
  12. Nice.
  13. What a pretty bag and at a great price!!! :yes:

    And I'm lost without the drilldown, too...I hate that it's gone :tdown:
  14. Very nice purchases, congrats!
  15. Congrat nice bag.