my first coach (hobo & wallet!)

  1. hi everyone! i've been an admirer of coach for some time, but i never found a bag i really liked for a good price. well i went to the las americas outlets in san ysidro (san diego), ca on saturday and got my first coach! i was surprised to see that the store was full of sig items, because the coach outlet my mom always visits (gilroy, ca) never seemed to have any.

    anyways these are my first two coach pieces that my boyfriend bought for me (correct me if the style names are wrong):

    soho signature small hobo in black--msrp $198, factory price $179, purchased for $48!

    soho mini signature mini wallet in light blue/white (does anyone know the exact color?)--msrp $158, factory price $139, purchased for $72

    on the way to the outlets i was hoping they had something in light blue sig--especially a mini wallet. i was excited when i saw a whole entire collection of bags, wallets, and accessories in the color! i wanted to pick up a bag and a wristlet to match my wallet but i had to stop myself since i've been spending too much money lately:sad:

    then i was looking around for a small versatile bag and i found the black hobo on clearance for $48! i think i got a good deal--what do you think?

    it sounds like i'm going to be able to go back to the outlets next weekend, so i'm hoping for a good president's day sale!
    hobo.jpg wallet.jpg
  2. congrats! you got a great deal!! wow!
  3. You got a fantastic deal :yahoo: I just got the same purse at my outlet Saturday for my son's g/f as a :heart:s day gift. At $48 dollars it was a steal and it is her 1st coach too. AWWWWWW CONGRATS!!!!!:woohoo:
  4. It was an AMAZING deal!! wow $48 for a hobo? :biggrin:
    Congrats on your first coach bag!!
  5. Congrats, the hobo is sooooo pretty, I've always wanted that bag and I'm so sad it's not available in boutiques anymore! The Soho is my favorite line, and the outlet's too far away.

    Anyhow, great deals and choices for your first Coach items!
  6. congrats!!!! They are both so cute and that purse was a BARGAIN!!!! WTG! :rochard:
  7. great deal... congrat's
  8. yay, i'm glad it was truly a great deal. i'm usually not a good shopper and buy things that i think are "good deals", THEN find them on clearance soon after. i also love that i don't see a lot of black sig at my college. most girls carry khaki ones around here--usually totes, to fit their textbooks.

    i really loved the star/moon keyfob i saw, but $24 seemed too much for me for just a keychain. i don't work so it's a bit pricey for me. is that the lowest they usually go for? TIA!
  9. WOW! great deal! congrats!!~
  10. hey there... i'm new here and going through all the posts and trying to figure out if a Coach will be my first designer bag...

    I just wanna say what an awesome bargain... I love the black white/black look so far... and that hobo is gorgeous... CONGRATS!!
  11. Wow you got amazing deals!!! Congrats!
  12. Congrats, What a deal. As for the keyfobs and charms, I have only seen them go as low as $9.99
  13. What a steal...great bag.
  14. Pretty!! I love that color of blue on your wallet! Congrats!
  15. love your hobo - i bought one as well and carry it all the time. you would be surprised how much stuff you can fit into it!