My first Coach, good choice?

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. I love the flap bags...great choice! :tup:
  3. Very good choice! :tup: Welcome to TPF and to the wonderful world of Coach!
  4. Excellent choice, very cute and functional!
  5. Great choice!! I love the flap bags :smile:
  6. Lovely bag! Functional, stylish and it'll be in for a long time to come! Welcome to Coach and tPF!
  7. ahhh great choice. i love the soho collection!

    welcome to the coach obsession . . . you're gonna have fun ;) .
  8. Very good. I have this bag in khaki/chestnut. :biggrin: Congrats and welcome to TPF!
  9. very nice!
    Welcome =)
  10. I just bought a very similar bag in black leather! I carried it for the first time today and I'm in love with it. You made a great choice.
  11. Pretty bag!

  12. Great choice!!! :tup: Congrats!!
  13. Very pretty!

    Welcome to TPF, you will LOVE it here......although you might go broke, LOL!
  14. Lovely bag - I love the flaps. Welcome to TPF and watch your pocketbook!
  15. Great choice! :tup: