My first Coach ever!

  1. Actually, it's the second Coach I ever bought...the first one I returned to the store less than a week because I wanted something else at the time...

    I got it second hand although you wouldn't be able to tell and at a reasonable price!
    Not sure how much this goes for at the outlet though...too bad there aren't any outlets here!
    Resize of Coach Wristlet 002.jpg Resize of Coach Wristlet 003.jpg Resize of Coach Wristlet 004.jpg
  2. Very nice!
  3. Those are great wristlets, they hold a ton and double their use well for evening/fancytime wear.
  4. super cute wristlet!!! congrats on ur purchase!
  5.'s really cute. I need to look at getting one of those for nights out.
  6. congragulations!
  7. So cute! Classy, sophisticated, and flat out adorable :balloon:
  8. That is so cute! I love the color!
  9. that is so cute
  10. very nice, I have never seen that one before, not common at all
  11. Congrats! I have the black lurex one. They are great - fit a ton for a wristlet. Perfect for a night out!
  12. pretty.... congrats! :tup:
  13. Congrats!! And it looks great on you!
  14. That is such an elegant bag. You will be able to take it with you to a fancy party but you can also dress it down with jeans.
  15. That is a beautiful wristlet. :heart: It is very elegant.:yes: