my first coach bag!!!

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  1. hello,:yahoo:

    I recently just got my first coach bag! I'm 12[turning 13] so this is a big thing for me. Now this isnt my first designer bag. My first one was for my 6th grade graduation i got a D&B bag[luv it]! In middle school girls and bags are so important you know if its real, or is it cute and other stuff. I've gotten so many questions about if it was real, and i proudly say yes! Plus i have a matching wallet. I don't really care if gurls talk about me their just jelous :biggrin:. Since my mom is always on this website i decided to make my own username---[my mom is karizma69]:smile:
  2. congrats on your new bag! post a pic of the bag for us if you can!!
  3. my collection :biggrin: lol [​IMG]
  4. Congrats! Love the bag and the skinny.
  5. Great! Love the matching bag and skinny. enjoy those treasures!!
  6. super cute!!!!!!!
  7. thank u!
  8. Congrats.
  9. thx ppl ooh yea i have juicy couture glasses[another favorite] every1 loves my glasses.hehe:cutesy:
  10. Ah yes, I remember high school...vaguely. And I remember my first Coach---still have it!

    Which one did you get? Can u post a pic?

    Congrats BTW!
  11. yea my pic is up there ^
  12. enjoy it! they're gorgeous!
  13. Adorable! Congrats!!
  14. sorry ppl i remade my user name cuz it was shoopingaddict[if u didnt notice] i misspelled it :hrmm:
  15. Cute! Enjoy your bag, and remember not to let what the other girls say *ever* get to you! They are just jealous!