My First Coach Bag!!!


My First Coach!
Oct 23, 2007
So we (my 3 kids and I) tagged along with my DH on a business trip on Wed. We went to Macy's and looked around and I tried on a gazillion bags and decided on the one I wanted and....HE ACTUALLY BOUGHT IT!!!! Wow!!! I am so excited!!!
I ended up with the Medium Carly in Khaki/Beet. To my surprise I actually liked the Slim better, but I didn't want any of the color combos, and I love RED.
On black Friday I went to the outlet and got a wristlet, red keychain, and coin purse for my daughter. Those are my first official Coach purchases ever, but this is my first bag, with many more to come.....even my DH is hooked!!! :yahoo::yahoo:


Aug 22, 2006
Oh gorgeous!!!!! I LOVE that color combo. I'm still wondering if I really missed out when I didn't order one. And the wristlet is sooo cute too! Congrats and welcome to the It is, however, VERY addicting. you have been warned!! LOL:lol: