My first Coach bag... REVEAL!

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  1. Anyone around? I've been smiling ear to ear all day!
  2. im ready.....
  3. lets see it
  4. You wouldn't even believe how excited I was when my boyfriend gave it to me. I didn't know he'd been paying attention...
  5. can't wait to see, you drinking coffee while you reveal?
  6. me!
  7. Let's see!!!
  8. Bring it on!
  9. lets see
  10. YAY! I love reveals! :nuts:
  11. Inside of her dust bag.
  12. yay, a live one, let's see!
  13. Three shiny new hangtags...
  14. Black, gray, and white Op Art Chainlink Hailey!
  15. OOh, so pretty! Congratulations!