MY first CL's. which ones

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  1. I want to buy my wife her first pair of CL's. She finally agreed to let me buy her a pair if I can find some onsale in the $300 range.

    At first she could never justify buying a $100 handbag and now she owns JC's, LV's, RM and bulga's...some with price tags well over a $1000. She knows I'm obsessed with handbags and shoes and I think she is afraid that after her first pair her collection will grow.....which is what I'm hoping for:graucho:.

    Ok so what I would like to find is a pair that is at least semi-comfortable (is that really possible with a pair of heels), could be worn with a business suit (she typically wears a Burbery skirt suit) but could be worn out for dinner, a classic pair that will not go out of style anytime soon (in case I lose my fight and it's the only pair she ends up with) and a long lasting quality. Also the most important a pair that isnt too high or too steep. Do they make one lower than the simple Napa pump?

    Any suggestions on a particular style or where to buy them onsale (in store-not online as she would have to try them on) in the orlando area.

    Is it even going to be possible to find cinderella's slipper?
  2. I'd recommend a nice patent (or not) Simples.
    Have you checked NM in Mall of Millenia? I was just there over the weekend and they had few CL's on-sale. You may want to also check NM Last Call.
  3. $300 is going to be tough, especially if you want a certain style. The classics are....classic and you would have to get lucky to find something in the right size at the right time.

    Good luck!
  4. I'm heading that way this afternoon so I will check. Thanks.
  5. I got my Simple 100s in teal laminato for $270 + tax at Saks Fifth Avenue in Atlanta. Good luck.
  6. if you are looking for a closed toe pump, then the most comfortable ones would be in order of:
    1. simples (comes in lower heels and the standard 100mm), comfy but not as sexy looking


    2. ron rons (100mm)
    -this is like a cross between the simple and the decollete: simple toebox and decollete body/heel

    3. decolletes (100mm) - the most classic looking sexy pump

    4. clichy (100mm) - a rounder toebox than the decollete, with a straight skinny heel

    open toe pumps, the yoyo comes in 85mm..

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  7. I think it will be pretty hard to find some under $300 that are classic shaped and classic color (like black or nude). I don't think, say, simple 85 (which is a lower heel pump, very classic and comfortable) goes on sale often in a black or nude color. You could stalk ebay or bonanzle.
  8. So far no luck in Orlando or Tampa this past weekend. I know it's gonna be dificult to find but sometimes that's what makes it fun and exciting...the hunt for the impossible! I thought about giving Ebay and Bonanzle a shout but always afraid of not getting authentic. Would definetly like to find a simple 85mm in black. My best bet may be begging her to let me spend more....well see. I still have to hit my goal first so....

    Carlinha Thank you for the education and I really enjoyed the pics. She liked the simple in the first picture so that is my quest.
  9. OMG Carlinha, where are those decollete's at??
  10. god why doesn't my husband make that request of me?

    not that i would, ahem, promote lying...but maybe a little white one that you got a great deal?
  11. I want to know too! God they're gorgeous.
  12. Those decollete's do recieve OMG status.....absolutly gorgeous! I wish my wife would wear a shoe that high.
  13. I'm with erinmiya on both counts!:P Just tell her they are a gift from you to her and it's rude to ask someone how much their gift cost, right?:P Well I'm trying to help. Good luck!