My First CLs pumps - Decollete 868s!!!

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  1. So I've finally taken the plunge and purchased my first pair of CL pumps - I found the Decollete 868's in camel at Saks yesterday. I'm a little concerned about the sizing - I'm usually a size 9.5 but the sales associate suggested I should go a half size up to 40. They were SUPER tight in the toe box but I was told they'd stretch out/improve with wear.

    I wore them yesterday for maybe 6 hours standing/sitting - my toes were numb by the end of the evening. I had a pair of size 40 5" CL espadrilles that gave me numb toes after extended wear as well... Is this numb toes thing a function of the CL arch/heel height or too small pumps?! I have a narrow foot and wear 3-4" frequently with no problems usually (not CL). After reading through these forums I'm seeing a lot of commentary about going up a whole size... what do you think?

    One last thing... red sole wearing off? Normal?
    redo.jpg redo2.jpg
  2. well they are LOVELY for starters. and yes the red wears off :sad:. some women use red vibram soles after the red has worn away or some women use plasti-dip which is a plastic-esque red coating to cover the red disappearing.
  3. see i'm a 9 and i can't wear anything less than a 40. sometimes a 40.5. i have only one pair that's 39.5 but they're slingback. i'm always suprised when people wear cls that are "equivalent" to their us size. it was my understanding that they were always a size up and then sometimes plus some. did they hurt and feel tight in the store?
  4. Beautiful! They look perfct on you! They may stretch but I probably would have went up a whole size
  5. Congrats, they are beautiful. Most ladies size up between 1/2 - 1 full size in the decolletes because they do run extremely small. My toes were numb the first few times I wore decolletes but the toe box stretches and they do get more comfortable. Have you considered having them professionally stretched?
  6. They are gorgeous on you! Yes, they will stretch. I'm a US 8-8.5 and my patent decolletes are 39.5.
  7. The are gorgeous. I actually have been trying to decide what size to get in those shoes in black. I usually wear a 9.5 in "regular" shoes. I have to take a 10 in most CL's. I have heard that patent does not stretch out as much as kidskin so I was also concerned. I tried on a 40 and it was too tight. Saks did not have a 40.5 in stock and were out of 41's at that time. I was able to track down a 41 today and it was too large (not horrible, but enough) so I know 40.5 is the right size for me in this shoe.

    If if feels really tight, you might try wearing the shoes with sock to stretch them out or you could try taking them to a cobbler to have the stretch them a bit.

    If it makes you feel better, I ended up trying on the camel (it was the only 41 they had) and I loved the color. I had them check for a 40.5, but the SA said there are no 40.5's in camel in their system. I have the 41's on hold and if they fit with my full shoe Dr. Scholls insert tomorrow, they are mine!
  8. Yay!! These are my favorites.
    Yes, the red does wear off. Its a shock at first, but you get used to it.
    They will kill you the first few wears, but suck it up, they get comfy after a while.
  9. Perfect fit! :tup: They look fabulous... :yes:
  10. Beautiful~ couldn't ask for a more versatile, classy shoe. My first pair of CLs were (black) decolletes too!! CONGRATS~
  11. Those are gorgeous! I love Decolletes- they're such a sexy shoe!
  12. Raspberry087 wow, gorgeous. The perfect first pair!! They are lovely. Congrats!!
  13. Fantastic! I wish I had the Decollete 868. Still on my wish list.

    Some of my more loved CLs are definitely going to need to be resoled with red vibram one of these days. Already decided that I'd have Arty's do it as I haven't heard a bad story about him yet. Just concerned as I think he charges $40 per pair.
  14. Those look fabulous on you. Maybe you could have used a half size bigger, but since you've already worn them, you should try to stretch them with the good ol' sock method or just have them professionally stretched.
  15. They are beautiful and the color is gorgeous. Like others have suggested, maybe you can get them professionally stretched since you can't return them now? I'm sure that would help even a little.