My first CLs, but...

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  1. I just received my black patent VPs with burgandy tip. They are beautiful and fit perfectly length-wise but they are tight in the toe box which makes them uncomfortable to walk in. Is this common? Is there anything anyone has found that helps with this? UGH!!!!! I am soooo sad!:crybaby:
  2. If it's not unbearable, try wearing them around the house to stretch them out. If that is not an option, you can also get them professionally stretched specifically in the toebox... No worries! :flowers:
  3. They will definitely give with a wear or two. Then they will fit perfectly.
  4. Thanks for your quick reply xnplo & oo_let_me_see!!! I will try anything because if I return them I won't be able to get another pair since they're sold out!
  5. Walk around the house in them with thick socks on LOL it will stretch them out!
  6. ITA, it has worked for me.
  7. I invested in a shoe stretcher, thanks to Leda:flowers: Gosh I love that woman. Any way It helps so much!!!! They also sell toe box lifters, I think I will order one of those as well.
  8. Good luck stretching them out! Post pics!
  9. I have that exact pair, and did the things mentioned above, and after only having them for about 2 weeks they fit me like a glove. I wore them shopping on Sunday for 7+ hours and no pain, no blisters, nothing. (Just some soreness from being in high heels for that long!)
  10. Thanks to everyone!!!!!! I'm gonna start with the thick sock idea. I'll post pics tomorrow!
  11. you should take em to get them stretched

    shouldnt cost too much