My First CLs! Declics

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  1. I'm so excited! I just got my first pair of CLs today after looking at lots of different styles and trying to decide what I wanted as my first pair. I decided on the Declic. After calling my local Saks to see if they had any I could try on for size, the SA very rudely/sarcastically told me that if the shoe "looks almost like the Rolando then it IS the Rolando." I hung up on her. :yucky: She obviously doesn't know her stuff. I ended up ordering from

    I love the way they look, but I think they might be too small. I normally wear a 7.5 to an 8 in shoes (and my foot is wide) and got a 38.5 after researching sizing. The toe box feels really cramped, and I wonder if exchanging them for a 39 will help or if it will just be way too loose in the heel. I suppose I could always put a foot petal in them if they are too big.

    I can't help feeling like they look funny from the top though. I'm not used to all that toe cleavage! I added a picture of this. Don't laugh at me! :P

    cl1.jpg cl2.jpg cl3.jpg cl4.jpg
  2. Those CL's are hot, i need a pair. I too wasn't a fan of toe cleavage either, but got a pair that showed it and i'm fine with it now something new. Love it
  3. Wow Edna, they are beautiful. I am researching which pair to buy as my first CL's as well. I never noticed before but you are right, they look sort of like Rolando's. Can you tell me the difference? Is the platform thinner??
  4. Yeah, maybe I just have to get used to the toe cleavage!

    sw33p3a, I'm not sure what all of the exact differences are, but from looking at pictures, it looks like the Declic might be a bit wider in the toe box. Also, the Rolando has a stitched line in the front where the point is.
  5. Thanks Edna... I'm going to put these on my list for black and maybe I'll buy Rolando's in wine :P
  6. Excellent first choice! They look great and the picture doesn't look like your toe box is too full. They're not patent, so I don't think it'll take to many wears to loosen up. I think most difficult w/ higher CLs is the fit on the heel; if you can bear a little breaking in in these, they're worth having the heel fit better--rather than having a loose bigger size that flops when you walk.
    Congrats! :yahoo:
  7. These are absolute beauties!
  8. i love them!!!
  9. so pretty...
  10. What a great 1st pair - congrats :tup:
  11. those are really cute. congrats on a great pair of shoes!!!
  12. i have to say the shoes by themselves don't look all that special, but after i saw your modelling pics, i must admit they're pretty hot. the top view doesn't look funny at all. in fact, you'll notice some CL styles show even more toe cleavage.

    my wife wasn't a big fan of toe cleavage either but i think she's warmed up to it now :smile:.
  13. Thanks everyone!

    bogeyjay - Yeah that's why I thought these would be a good first pair. Simple but still undeniably sexy! And I guess I will just have to get over this toe cleavage thing!

    Thanks for the tip. I think you make a good point! I didn't think about stretching.
  14. They look beautiful on you! I am in :heart:
  15. Edna They look fantastic on you! Congratulations! :flowers: