My first close encounter with spy bag ebay purchase

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  1. I am a bit depress right now. I went to the Galleria to check bags that I have been pondering on line but found NON of them being there. Then I went to Fendi boutique to check the teal blue hobo spy and the satchel. I love the colour but I didn't like it on the satchel. I like the hobo spy but I am too not crazy about it. So I told my SA just to call me back when the gold/silver spy arrives.

    Then I went to Jimmy Choo to check the new big shoulder bag that lilo carrying (I saw it on the thread sometimes ago here). They are gorgeous!! I saw a lady in the boutique and just bought the last navy blue one, she was ecstatic! The SA said those bags went fast. There are two bags left at the store the dark brown and the light colour one ( I forgot the name of the colour but it's like sand color maybe??). They are gorgeous, they are big, they are slouchy and the leather is so soft and yummy!. :love: The price approx $1895.

    I was tempting to buy but decided to think about it and left to go to Saks before I change my mind. I didn't find anything new at Saks or other boutiques or anything that excite me.

    It was raining pretty heavy on the way going home and I was feeling a bit empty. I guess my mind was still on the teal blue bag that I saw on the ebay. When I got home, I rushed to see if the bag was still there. Yes! and the time left was about approx 45 minutes.

    Wow..I know..I know we already discussed about this and I told you guys I am going to pass on this one. So I decided to take a nap to joint my husband and to take my mind of that stupid bag ! But while I was laying in bed I couldn't sleep and I couldn't relax. I keep thinking about that teal blue spy on the ebay. Darn it! I got up from the bed and my husband then got up at the same time. I checked back the time it was 15 minutes left. I told my husband how I really wanted this bag but I am not sure if I should buy it now or bid and told him the time that left before the bid ended.

    And I told him this is it. If he blesses me with this purchase, I am going to put the number on the bid. Although he seems okay with it, I don't know why I don't feel 100% sure of it. I wanted so bad that bag but I feel paying $2,600 is a bit too much. I think when the bag came out that bag's price was about approx $1800 (2005 fall). And the regular leather spy now is $2,075. Also I guess I kind of feeling guilty already spent $$$ for 4 bags and a wallet last month.

    The time now 5 minutes left and I was contemplating between yes and no. One minute left, I put the number on the bid..1,599...all I have to do now was to put my finger and push to bid button. I was screaming..." minute left..what should I do??? :nuts: :nuts: .
    I heard him from the living room saying "push the button that say buy it now, do it!". No..I said it is bidding..bidding..not buy it now!!.
    And......but I didn't push either buttons. I could have but I didn't. The bid time was over.

    Then slowly after that I felt really sad and depress. :sad: :sad: . I felt like I missing the opportunity to get a hard to find colour for the spy I love. My husband say why didn't you do it? I don't know..I answered. He huged me and said to me you made a right decision. OOHHH he just killed me!!:evil: . That was the story of my first close encounter with ebay transaction with the teal blue spy bag I love. Good bye my love..

    I am sorry for the long story guys but I need to let this thing out so I can feel a little relieve from whole thing.
  2. just let it go, i am sure before long, you will see something else you really really like and forget abt the spy!
  3. I'm the same way. I get sick over this stuff...lose sleep, think about it all day, etc. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Hey, another one will come along though. It's funny because I give myself guilt trips over spending the money and then the next day, I'm off thinking of a way to get another bag. It's pathetic.
  4. Ebay creates those kind of stressful 'now or never' type of situations -- hard on the nerves!
  5. i'm sorry! i'm sure you'll find another bag to fall in love with and maybe even love it more than the teal spy ;) or maybe if it's meant to be you'll find another
  6. Ooooo...It's ok there are plenty of HOT NEW styles soon to come and I am sure you will find another one you LOVE and 100% sure!
  7. Thanks guys for all the advices. I am felling a lot better. I know it's kind of silly me all workout just because a bag :shame: . But I know you guys understand. :smile:
  8. It was not meant to be at this time!
    You'll find another bag that you LOVE!!!
  9. Tell yourself, "it may not of been authentic anyway" and it wasnt meant to be.
  10. You can always write the seller by pressing "ask seller a question" and let he/she know that you are interested in the bag and ask if it is still available for sale...if it didn't already sell I am sure the seller would be more than happy to get it off her hands- and you might even be able to get it for a better deal! I have done this twice on eBay and ended up getting the bag for less than the starting bidding price both times... Good Luck!!
  11. Aww, don't be so hard on yourself. Something better will come along and you will be so glad you didnt have two spys!
  12. You know I thought of doing that but then I am worry about the protection part where I won't be able to get when I purchase outside the bid. I guess it depends on the seller reputation though. Last time I check the bid of item is gone already so I guess I lost the seller information at the sametime. Oh everyone said maybe this is not meant to be. But who knows..;)
  13. You'll find your next conquest pretty soon. Plus your DH is now very proud of you because you got some will power afterall. More brownie pts for you that you can use towards your next big purchase. ;)
  14. Ditto to that!

    What I did was contacted the seller and asked if it's going to be back up again. The auction was not a buy it now but no one bidded on it so I asked if she was putting it up. I also stated that if she did a regular auction, I'd try to get it or if she did buy it now, I can pay her like NOW. She did a buy it now and I snapped it up. I slept like a baby last night. Maybe this will work for you? I would never do a transaction off eBay cause I might get duped by it. I hope you see it again and get it.
  15. Thanks but the thing is I lost this seller contact #, Id etc so I don't know other way to contact this seller. I remember he or she has other items for sale but I don't remember which one. Last time I checked on the item (last night), the item that teal blue spy that I missed is gone.

    It's really weird and will be amazing if I could get a hold of the seller thought. This crazy..I thought to myself, I don't really need the teal blue spy but for some reasons I still thinking about it sometimes..not all the time..and wonder if this maybe what it meant to be that spy were not meant for me?? :biggrin:

    And I wonder..if my gold/silver spy arrives and if I have another opportunity to choose between the gold/silver one and the teal blue spy?? Which one would I choose??:nuts: :nuts: . Just a crazy thought!!