My first classic flap!!!!

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  1. I do already have a reissue, so if those are counted then I suppose this is my second but my first 2.55?

    Anyway, I'd been trying to find a lambskin jumbo in a bright color, but a recent red purchase didn't work out quite right. I returned that, and was idly looking around and came across this!!!! Be still my ❤️[emoji175]❤️[emoji175]❤️[emoji175]!!!

    Want to see?


  2. I am here!!! Front row!!!
  3. Yahoo! Let's see it!
  4. Let's see what you brought home. :popcorn:
  5. I'd drag it out but am just too excited.

    Metallic bronze with brushed SHW!!!!!
  6. can't wait!!! it's like 2am where I am this week but I just can't sleep - hate suffering from timezone difference. This thread can't come at a better time!!! :snack:
  7. Listed in new condition, can't see any signs of wear whatsoever, and got a great price on it!!!


    I believe it is from season 11p. So excited at how much of my wardrobe this will go with. It's basically a metallic taupe color.
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  8. WHAT?!?!??!!?! that is stupid gorgeous!!!! :loveeyes: So glad you found one you love. Congrats!!
  9. Oh is fabulous...congrats on this very beautiful and special bag. :love:
  10. Wow!!! It's stunning!!! Many congrats! [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]

  11. Thank you! I'm so happy. I loved that raspberry one and it hurt to part with but I could not have lucked out better with this.

  12. Thank you lady!!!! I can't wait to wear it lol.
  13. Absolutely stunning! Congrats on this beauty Jereni! It is tdf! [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]

  14. Thank you!!!!
  15. Absolutely! this is a special one :cloud9:
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