My First CL

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm new to CL and really want to get one. I'm going to purchase red patent chanel bags.. pic attached (taken from ebay, can't find it in tPF)..and looking at CL that can match with this bag.. really need your advise and maybe picture of the shoes if you have..I prefer peep toe and slingback..but at this point I'm very open to any option.. i'm a virgin for CL :shame:.. please help me...

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  2. i think that for being for your first CLs you should probably get some classics. there are a lot of gergeous shoes that will not only watch with your pretty bag but also others because black is so versatile.

    pics from saks and

    1. simple pump- the height is really perfect IMO. not too high and not too low. you can wear them to work and out. very versatile :tup:

    2. new simple pump- this is one of my favorites as i like higher heels but the platform makes them so much easier to wear all day long.

    3. architek- this shoe is a little higher but the red and black look very good together and i think it'll watch with your bag. you can dress these up and down :yes:

    4. lady noeud- very feminine and chic. it's made of satin though so idk if you mind but try them on! they make your feet like like they're in heaven :graucho: they're perfect for special occasions

    5. glitter very prives- you have to see these in person. the color is very unique though i think they're dressier.

    overall i would vote for the architeks, they're peep toes and sling backs as you want them to be aaand they can be dressed up and down. HTH!

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  3. Hi I-shop and welcome! That Chanel is gorgeous. For your first pair, I would definitely do something classic. I would suggest something in nude, beige, or black, as those colors tend to go with so much. And since you like a peeptoe and slingback, the No Prive is the shoe for you (which is the 5th picture in fashionispoison's post). GL
  4. Beautiful Chanel! I also think that the No Prive will go wonderfully with the bag! They are a comfy shoe (for the height) and come in a variety of textures. Kid-skin and patent are most common and can go with EVERYTHING!
  5. If you prefer peep toe and slingbacks, I think the Architek is a stunning shoe :drool:

  6. i know i'm a nerd bc i'm so matchy matchy all the time ..i REALLY need to break that cycle but the first thing that came to mind after seeing your chanel pic are the red patent yoyos
  7. The red patent yoyos and simples are stunning! I may get the 70mm red patent simples myself if I like the nude patent when the come in. But, if you want a more versatile shoe to go with more outfits, and don't mind the higher heel, the Architek would look great!
  8. fashionispoison: wow thanks for the pics, i love number 3,4,5 and also i love your shoess...dunno the name..but the first pair on your post

    from pic number 3 & 5 looks the same.. any different?

    no prive, yoyo and architek.. those are on my list but im still not familiar with the name..:smile: anyway what's the different no prive an very prive?
  9. i *love* the architeks, i think they'd be perfect for you since they're a classic, but they have that splash of red to go w/your new chanel!!

    very prive is a pump (closed heel in back) with a hidden platform & a peep toe in the front:

    no prive (numero prive) also has the hidden platform and peep toe, but with an open slingback:

    architek looks similar to no prive with the hidden platform, peep toe and slingback, except on the no prive the heel is not covered, and on the architek, the heel is partially covered, with the upper portion exposed:

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  10. Hey girlie!! love the red chanel!! i think the no prive sling would be a great first CL and one that youll ALWAYS love and a classic!!! and a great first investment!!Gud Luck!!
  11. Lvpiggy, I love your explanation of the shoes listed above. I actually understood the differences..thank you very much for spelling it out like that...I am trying to learn all that I can about CL shoes...but sometimes it can be very confusing. I plan on keeping this as a point of reference. :tup:
  12. I love the idea of the Architeks. My suggestion would be the Red Clichys, which are available at both NYC stores (and maybe the others too). They looked gorgeous with my Red Patent YSL Downtown when I tried them on.

    It's these but in Red Patent (pic courtesy of BeLuxe on eBay)

  13. Love the red patent flap. There are definitely some good choices. I really like the architek for the flashes of red and if you definitely want red patent, the yoyo or the red simple pump are great choices.
  14. Great choices above! Can't wait to see what you chose!
  15. Two things came to my mind immediately:

    Red Patent Simple Pump
    Red/Black Architek