My First CL

  1. This is my first pair of CL's and I was wondering if i should get the black decollete 868 or the camel decollete 868. Do those actually come in patent? I need your expert advice.
  2. I would get black... then branch out!
  3. May I ask whether this is the start of a collection or a one-off, and why you are considering the camel specifically, vs. black? Funny, I had the same dilemma. I decided to do the Decolette's in camel (yes, they come in patent). Not that they wouldn't look great in black too, but because I was after a 'nude' shoe and the Decolette fit the bill best of all the nudes for me. I am going to do black patents next, but probably the New Simple or VP's. If this is going to be a one-off for you, then do the black, but if you will be adding to the collection, there are a lot of other black patents to choose from next! HTH.
  4. If you want to go with the Decollete for a first pair I would go with the black patent. I have them and love them to death. Go up a FULL size from your normal CL other words if your an US 8 your pretty much a 39.
    If you are not sure about the Decollete being your first pair I would go with a Prive style, which for me fit true to size.
  5. Black is always the best color to start out with. I think black looks great in patent. Leather is nice too...but patent just looks sexier. :amuse:
  6. Thanks everyone for your helpful advice! This is my first pair of CL's and I think that I would be adding more..I called the store in NY and the sales associate says that its not as shiny as patent patent and its more of a shiny black. not sure what that means. but what is the exact color of your black patent shoes (from shoe box)? so that i can make sure that i get the right one. Since its my first pair, i love the almond shape of the decollete; however the VPs are so CLASSIC CL. so i might have to get that next.
  7. My Decollete box says "Decollete 868 Black Patent" thats all.
    They are a classic must have CL so is the Prive and No. Prive.
    Im not a good person to choose....grab as many as you can lol
  8. I just talked to the SA and he said that the color is called Black Jazz. Is that as close to patent as I can get?
  9. I think black!
  10. I vote for black.....then add the nude or camel....then the colors.....then the sandals.....then the is soo addicting!
  11. Stick with the black.