My First CL boots

  1. While on vacation :beach: I found myself on and ordered the Bourge Zeppa suede boots :drool: so hopefully they will greet me upon my arrival. Owners, do you like the fit? Do they make for a comfortable walk? Thanks for letting me share.

  2. I got these as one of my Christmas presents. They fit me like a glove, so comfortable :biggrin: I have only worn them out once, but I wore them with skinny jeans tucked in for about 5 hours. They were actually quite comfortable. I didn't expect these to be comfortable but they are. :yes:
  3. gorgeous!!
  4. These are amazing boots- Congrats!
  5. Oh i LOVE these boots!!!
  6. Thanks, ladies. Priin, your outfit sounds cute.
  7. Love these boots! Congrats!!! :smile:
  8. WoW! Amazing booots..... congrats on ur purchase
  9. WOW! GORGEOUS BOOTS!!! I'm salivating here! :love:
  10. Thanks Tiffany_Darling :flowers:
  11. This is one of my favorite CL boots. I find them extremely comfortable. Congrats!
  12. very sexy :smile: