My first City; hope I will like it!!

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  1. I think it looks like Canard, but you can post this question in the identify thread to be sure.:smile:
  2. It seems to be canard to me too, but it could seems also anthra with blue undertones... Waiting for the opinion of expert gals!
    BTW, not a huge fan of rggh but I really like this combo :tup::heart:! Congrats on your purchase! Can't wait to see pictures of your B-bag!
  3. Redskater haven't saw your reply before post mine...
    So, if you said it can be canard, there are 99,9% probability it is canard! ;)
  4. Thanks MissMerion and Redskater for your help. I,m very glad you think it's the canard, because that's a color I like very much. I can't wait until my City arrives!!:yahoo:
  5. How exciting!
    Will you post modelling pics?
  6. I just saw that on there and was so tempted, congrats, gorgeous!
  7. post pics when she arrives!
  8. Congratulations! I just bought my first city bag last week - SGH Seigle - and I'm so in love with it. I keep stroking it!! Post pics when your baby arrives x
  9. i think its canard too!
  10. OMG I had no idea there was still some Canard RGGH loveliness out there!! I am hovering over the "buy" button but I know I can't justify something that will be so similar to my black RGGH city... if it were a work or a PT I reckon I could go for it...

    PLS post pics when it arrives - great find!! :smile:
  11. Thank you all for your reactions. I hope my city will arrive tomorrow, and I certainly will post some pictures.
  12. this this website save to purchase from?
  13. Hi ChaBaGucci - did the canard beauty arrive yet?? Can't wait to see her! :woohoo: