My first city bbag is on its way! Please post pics if you have one in truffle!

  1. I just ordered this from NM over the phone, but I am obsessed. This is like cocaine. Please post pics of your city truffles, or any thing else that you have in that color. Thank you! :yahoo:
  2. heres mine

  3. :yahoo: That is so gorgeous!!! I am way too excited now. Thank you so much for the pic!
  4. I have the Hobo/Day. Not my favorite style but I love this truffle in that style.
    cWVpABiheVofG89da6p-zR-oQnje2mdd0300.jpg 7fH5RFT4GQ9Z4tV75i6JIqXuKcS5OCdf0300.jpg
  5. PP, the leather on your truffle is absolutely gorgeous!
  6. OMG.. I really love to have one too..

    Your guys' bbags are TDF. I definitly have to have one...