My first city bag? what color to go?

  1. i am thinking of white, but is it easy to get dirty?
    Suggestions needed !!!

  2. BLACK!! I think a black city bag is a must in every balenciaga wardrobe (and the perfect first b-bag!)
  3. Right now, I would suggest "Natural"
  4. black, but if u wanna go with light coloured, go for natural or calcaire
  5. is calcaire more like ivory?
  6. I'd go for a black city- you can wear it with everything and you will eventually want one anyway because a black city is simply TDF!:yes:
  7. I would also get black. The very first b-bag I got was a black city. I've had it for over three years and I still use it all the time.
    I think white would get dirty pretty easy. Calcaire is an awesome color though. I have the calcaire as well and it looks great with everything.
  8. Thx a lot !!!

    ok, now, Black or Calcaire, how about pale pink? since there is no Calcaire in stock at BalNY. :sad:
  9. I think black too -- perfect for a first bbag. I agree with MarieG in that you'll probably end up wanting one anyway, even if you go for a coloured bag first.
  10. Black or natural!
  11. i think calcaires a good colour if u're into white... apparently the balenciaga whites tend to yellow and get dirty really easily... :confused1: but that's just waht i heard...
  12. I agree with choosing black or natural!! They are both beautiful and classic!
  13. Black, as it is the quintessential bbag and you will end up getting one eventually. Then you can decide which colors you want to add to your collection. If you want a light bag look for an 06 greige on eBay. I personally do not care for 07 natural unless it has GH.
  14. If you want a light color I would go for calcaire (but that meens searching for it on eBay), I personally think it's much nicer than naturel but that's just me...
  15. black or ink