My FIRST Christian Louboutin Reveal! (And 2nd, and 3rd, and 4th...O_O)

  1. Lovely story and I really enjoyed reading your post and looking at your photos.

    I share the same dilemma as I do not own any CLs yet. I really want a pair but I have the same thoughts. (About shoes being on the floor, but bags are carried, therefore lasting longer)

    I am going to Paris later this year and am thinking about taking the plunge then. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated! Hehe.
  2. They are all fantastic! Can't wait to see #5. I keep checking tPF for your updated post. Its a sickness, and I am glad I am not alone :smile:
  3. Thank you stilly! Your amazing pigalle collection made me one my first one!

    Thank you for reading Debbi! So glad you enjoyed it :biggrin:

    Thank you! It's small, but slowly growing! :p

    Thank you so much!

    I would say, just go for it. It's going to happen sooner than later. :p Make sure your first piece is special. Special to me was the Bow Bow. Special to you may be a grand shoe that will draw eyes or may be a simple classic that you can wear day or night. Many TPFers choose to start with a simple black or neutral pump. Also take comfort into account! Pigalles for me are not too comfortable, but they look amazing so I can accept their pinch. If you value comfort more, there are tons of other styles you can look at.

    Shoes, though they may not last as long as bags, seem to hold up pretty well on its own. And the feeling you get when you wear CLs is similar the specialness I feel when carrying nicer bags haha. Plus my DBF is happy that shoes cost 1/4 the price :p

    Best of luck! Jealous of your Paris trip! :graucho:

    #5 is coming right now! Sorry to make you wait. :smile:
  4. Here's number 5! It was more of an impulse buy, but I really love the classy look of sling backs! This style had 3 different materials: calf leather, python and suede, which I thought made it unique!

    Here she is: My Sandy 120 in Python and Leather! :yahoo:

    I sized up .5 size for this shoe. I think it has an almond-toe cap similar to rolando, so it does run a little small. :smile:
    photo-16.jpg photo-15.jpg
  5. Some blurry mod pics. Excuse my messy dorm room...:angel: and the blurry pictures.
    photo-19.jpg photo-18.jpg photo-17.jpg
  6. Hope you ladies enjoyed this as much as I did! Thank you for your kind comments! :love:

    That ends the reveal of my 5 shoes in 2 weeks sprint lol :shame: :shame:

    If you want any mod pics or more info, please just ask!

  7. Wow what a fab collection. I absolutely love the Sandy's :biggrin:
  8. fab heels!!! they look wonderfull on you

  9. Thank you! I can't wait to wear them out. :smile:

    Thank you so much annamoon!
  10. Love!! :love:
  11. Sexy shoes, where did you score this HOT pair, I want some:smile::love:
  12. I absolutely love those Helmours! Gorgeous.
  13. Thank you! I've seen your amazing collection! -dies- I love your shoe choices!

    Thank you! I scored it off eBay! I think it was from '09 or '10. I got super lucky. :smile:

    Thank you! They are my most used pair so fair. They are kind of the most understated ones I have. :p
  14. Ahh! So many shoes so little time lol

    Gorgeous collection. More soon? :p
  15. Please help me welcome my new shoes! Number 6 now I think! :p

    This pair was more a a quick thought purchase and my very first pair of ostrich pumps. I normally like "sexier" silhouettes like Pigalles with the thin tall heel, but went for them anyway. They are incredibly comfortable! I went TTS for this (unlike the general consensus to size up) and they fit perfectly. I guess I got lucky or this shoe and I were meant to be!

    Presenting my #6, a brand new Decollete 868 in Bronze Ostrich! I never liked ostrich because of the "pimply" look lol but it adds a beautiful texture to the shoe! Can't wait to wear this baby out to dinner tomorrow! :love:

    Will post mod pictures soon!
    Decollete4.jpg Decollete6.jpg Decollete7.jpg